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With our lithotherapy crystal massage sticks , enjoy both the benefits of a massage and the power of stones.

Our sticks are made of natural stone, and can be used in both shiatsu massage and reflexology . With these elegant and beneficial objects, you soak up the therapeutic energy of minerals, while relaxing with an invigorating massage.

Everything about our stone massage sticks and their many benefits...

The benefits of the massage stick

For our massage sticks , as for all our natural stone objects, we make sure to select gems of the highest quality. Our expert gemologist rigorously controls the authenticity and quality of each crystal used, to ensure you get a stone massage stick with a sublime appearance and powerful vibration.

The stone is worked and polished by our partner workshops, until it reaches a perfectly smooth surface without roughness.

Whether for a back massage to be performed on a patient, or for a reflexology or shiatsu self-massage, our sticks are very versatile. They all have a round tip and a pointed end, for targeted work on an acupuncture center, as well as for a muscle relaxing massage .

The principle of the massage stick is quite simple: according to the ancestral tradition of Chinese medicine , the body is made up of energy channels or meridians.

Using a stick or a needle, we stimulate the meeting points of these meridians to promote the circulation of energies , promote healing and restore physical, emotional and energetic vitality .

Thanks to the pointed end of our massage sticks , you can gently act on these acupuncture points. This method also promotes good blood circulation , boosts the immune system and regulates the nervous system . It also catalyzes the evacuation of toxins by stimulating organs such as the liver or kidneys.

Your massage stick also relieves physical and psychological tension thanks to the relaxing effect of its rounded end. Perfect for finding serenity and dissolving any negative vibrations accumulated during the day.

In addition, with this object, you benefit even better from the energies of the crystals. Their properties on the body - physical, emotional, mental and vibrational - are amplified by the direct application of the stick to the skin.

How to use a stone massage stick?

To properly use your stone massage stick , it can be useful to know the virtues of its crystal composition. Indeed, each stone will have a different action depending on its energy.

Thus, an amethyst massage stick , for example, will promote calming on all levels, especially in the region of the head, shoulders and upper back. Apply its rounded tip to a tense neck or by gently massaging the temples with small circular movements.

In aventurine, rhodonite or rose quartz, your massage stick will be perfect for working on the heart chakra , the center of love and compassion. Direct its pointed end toward the center of your chest or gently apply it to your torso, and imagine the stick dissolving emotional tension in that area.

A massage with a black obsidian stick will both dissolve the negative energies present in your subtle bodies and regain tone. Apply its rounded end wherever you experience tension.

Rock crystal will also purify energetic pollution and open the crown chakra , the center of connection to the Divine. Then direct the pointed end of your stick towards the top of your head, and run a few small circles to open this subtle channel and purify bad energies.

Finally, a tiger's eye massage stick will be perfect for cleansing and stimulating the solar plexus , the center of digestion and self-confidence. Gently press the round or pointed end of your stick between your belly button and your breastbone. The shimmering mineral takes care of the rest!

Browse our collection of lithotherapy stone massage sticks and find your ideal stick.

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