Fine natural stone bracelets

Collection: Fine natural stone bracelets

Enjoy the most powerful lithotherapy stones with our fine natural stone bracelets. You will find in this collection all our natural stone and 925 silver bracelets.

Agate, lapis lazuli, jasper, hematite, amethyst, or rose quartz, each crystal is there to take care of you in its own way. All you have to do is find the one that suits you.

Fine natural stone bracelet: pearls of good vibes

Lithotherapy is an exciting discipline which consists of using the virtues of stones to relieve, heal or even guide its user.

Each stone has its own vibration, with beneficial effects on the physical body, mind and subtle energies. Thanks to our natural stone jewelry , our wish is to allow you to benefit from these energies in an elegant and continuous way.

For this, we choose the best for our natural stone bracelets , from raw crystals to the materials that constitute our jewelry. Our expert gemologist first checks the quality and authenticity of our stones, to select only premium gems with optimal virtues.

In addition, our fine natural stone bracelets are made of 925 silver, a metal that resists over time. The result: a superb piece of jewelry combining the beauty of crystal with the shine of silver.

From citrine to garnet, onyx, labradorite and carnelian, each piece of jewelry is made up of stones with a unique aura, for a piece of jewelry that suits you.

Powers of a natural lithotherapy stone bracelet

Minerals all have their particular vibration, so each natural stone bracelet will have a specific action on its owner.

Thus, certain bracelets will rather stimulate creativity and vitality , such as sunstone, carnelian or even red jasper. These semi-precious stones have an effect on the lower chakras. They will therefore help you cultivate your courage and assist you in anchoring yourself in the present moment.

Other crystals will help you free yourself from negative emotions and gain self-confidence . Tiger's eye, for example, is a stone of Inner Strength. It stimulates the solar plexus chakra. This energy center corresponds to personal power, and when balanced, promotes confidence and faith in a bright future.

A rhodonite, malachite or aventurine bracelet will be perfect for emotional well-being , cultivating self-love and nurturing happy relationships . Stones of Love and healing, these adorable gems will also soothe heavy emotions such as sadness or fear.

Aquamarine, amazonite or even turquoise will be ideal for developing self-expression . Acting on the throat chakra, they will help you express yourself with fluidity and authenticity.

Lapis lazuli or kyanite will be ideal allies for awakening your intuition , like rainbow moonstone or rock crystal. Stones of the Divine, they will connect you to your guardian angels and spiritual guides.

Finally, stones with darker shades such as obsidian, smoky quartz or tourmaline will make excellent protective stones . Call on them to purify negative energies and guide you on the path to fulfillment.

So put one of our adorable fine natural stone bracelets on your wrist. For a piece of jewelry that is both original and elegant, but also beneficial on all levels...

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