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With our tiger's eye bracelets , cultivate your inner strength and embrace your destiny with complete serenity.

Tiger's eye is a protective stone , whose golden shimmer wards off negative energies and the evil eye. The vibrations of this quartz also promote vitality, while supporting positive emotions.

Discover the tiger's eye bracelet : much more than a piece of jewelry, a powerful amulet...

Meaning of Tiger Eye Bracelet

The tiger's eye has taken on remarkable symbolism throughout the centuries and in many cultures.

The ancient Egyptians, for example, believed that the golden reflections of this stunning crystal were actually the sun's rays trapped in a rock. Containing all the power of the midday sun , it was one of the most prized gems in the region. It was even placed as offerings in the tombs of the pharaohs to help them navigate the afterlife.

The tiger's eye was also associated with the concept of the all-powerful and protective Eye, the one that sees everything beyond appearances, also called the third eye . In many regions, the mineral was placed at the threshold of a door or on the sill of a window, it helped to ward off dangers and the evil eye.

Even today, the energy of the tiger's eye helps its wearer to protect themselves against psychic attacks or negative energies coming from outside. It is therefore a real talisman to wear as a bracelet to preserve your emotional and energetic well-being.

For men or women, tiger's eye also promotes the purification of surrounding vibrations, lifting energetic tensions by replacing them with high energy of light and positivity.

Deposits of this semi-precious stone are found in South Africa, Australia, Burma and even India. Polished into magnificent round pearls, this warm gem will help you overcome your inner blockages, overcome negative emotions and cultivate a positive outlook on life.

A real tiger's eye bracelet with many virtues

Your tiger's eye bracelet will take care of you in different ways. With its light waves on your wrist, it will help you chase away the shadows that haunt you to move forward with confidence in all aspects of your life.

In lithotherapy , tiger's eye stimulates the solar plexus chakra , the center of personal power and digestion, both physical and emotional.

It will help you both in healing a digestive problem and in “digesting” your negative emotions such as sadness or despair. Its action on the plexus chakra increases self-confidence : you will become aware of your resilience in the face of adversity, your strengths, as well as your ability to overcome the obstacles that stand in your way.

Stone of courage , the tiger's eye will help you overcome your fears to embark on this great adventure that is human existence. His presence, both inspiring and protective, will instill in you the boldness necessary to pursue your dreams and create a life that suits you.

Associated with the third eye, it will also awaken your intuition , encouraging you to make your decisions by listening to your instincts.

On a physical level, tiger's eye relieves stomach aches and indigestion problems. Its energy also helps purify toxins from the body, and promotes the relief of physical pain.

Our natural stone bracelets are designed with the aim of providing you with fine stone jewelry that is as elegant as it is beneficial. We select high quality minerals with the help of our expert gemologist, who ensures their authenticity and quality.

In addition, the crystals are made by experienced artisans: the pearls obtained are perfectly smooth, highlighting the nuances of each crystal.

Immerse yourself in a bright world full of possibilities with our collection of tiger's eye bracelets !

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