Crystal sun catcher

Collection: Crystal sun catcher

With our magnificent crystal sun catchers , immerse your interiors in a colorful and warm atmosphere, while inviting high energies.

Each of our decorations is made with the greatest care using high quality crystal. With these adorable sun catchers, your interior will be bathed in multi-colored light, beneficial for the body, mind and soul !

Meaning of the suncatcher

Each Karma Yoga Shop suncatcher has its own meaning. We offer you a variety of decorations to create an atmosphere that suits you.

Thus, the “7 Chakras” sun catcher , for example, is made up of diamond-shaped beads in the colors of each energy center. You diffuse a vibration of peace and balance in your living space, which promotes inner harmony.

Our “Wings of the Soul” suncatcher , for its part, is adorned with an adorable crystal bird which represents spiritual elevation and the freedom to be oneself . With this inspiring and elegant decor, let your soul rise to the heavens and contemplate the infinite field of possibilities...

The “Powers of the Flower of Life” sun catcher is inspired by sacred geometry, an esoteric discipline which draws on the energy of certain geometric shapes. To hang in your interiors to instill an energy of regeneration and healing , qualities represented by the flower of life.

A crystal sun catcher, for luminous energy in your home

Our decorative objects are designed not only to illuminate and enrich your interior decoration , but also to do you good. Thanks to our original sun sensors, you can benefit from the best energy: that of our dear star!

The sunlight captured and then projected in all directions in thousands of colorful bursts will envelop you, taking care of you physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. You will bathe your interior and all its inhabitants with luminous vibrations .

Our sun catchers will be perfect for decorating your living room, but also a bedroom or even an entrance hall. Wherever they are, their crystals of all colors will create a cozy and joyful atmosphere .

Each decorative element is made by hand from K9 crystal , a high quality material. This type of glass is perfectly transparent and extremely durable, protecting it from any potential damage. For a beautiful and durable sun catcher.

If you're looking for a gift idea , consider a crystal suncatcher . It will be an ideal gift for anyone keen on spirituality and decoration. To hang wherever you wish to invite the therapeutic energies of the sun.

So, go for one of our magnificent crystal sun catchers !

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