Obsidian Necklaces

Collection: Obsidian Necklaces

Wear one of our obsidian necklaces and pendants to benefit from a protective shield and feel fully revitalized.

Obsidian is a crystal well known for its powerful protective vibration and its ability to purify negative energies . It also promotes healing on a physical level, and harmony on an emotional and mental level.

Small presentation of our obsidian necklaces...

Virtues of obsidian jewelry

Obsidian mystifies us with its fascinating appearance and its intriguing aura... Sometimes jet black, or covered in iridescent reflections, it resembles an esoteric object with a thousand powers.

And indeed, she has no shortage of power! In lithotherapy , dark crystal is renowned for its many virtues on the body and mind, and has been for several millennia.

Firstly a stone of protection , it forms a shield around its wearer against energy pollution. This shield repels negativity and harmful waves of all kinds, such as psychic attacks, negative projections from others and entities, thus preserving the harmony of its user.

It is also an excellent purification stone , which neutralizes subtle bad vibrations such as those generated by our technologies. The electromagnetic waves of 5G, 4G or Wifi networks do not last long in its presence! By protecting its owner against these undesirables, obsidian also prevents emotional and physical disorders caused by them.

With a calming effect on the mind and emotions , particularly fears, obsidian is perfect for maintaining serenity, particularly in the face of a stressful situation, and overcoming internal blockages. It also stimulates the root chakra , the center of anchoring and connection to Mother Earth. When open and balanced, this chakra results in a feeling of vitality and inner security.

Wear an obsidian and silver pendant to feel serene and centered, connected to the nourishing energies of our planet.

On a physical level, this mineral relieves cramps and joint pain . It will also be used to calm inflammation of all kinds and promote good blood circulation.

Celestial eye obsidian , in addition to the properties mentioned above, also has an action on the third eye chakra . It is therefore a good ally for developing your intuition, while keeping your feet on the Earth!

A high quality obsidian and silver pendant

Our natural stone jewelry is made of authentic and premium crystals. The minerals are rigorously controlled by our expert gemologist, who verifies their authenticity and quality.

In addition, our employees in India work each set with the greatest attention. The natural stone is cut and polished by hand before being mounted on its support. Our partners also do their best to obtain supplies from deposits whose activity is regulated and supervised. The original mines observe an ethical approach as much as possible, both on a human and environmental level.

Some of our jewelry is mounted on a 925 silver support, a superior quality metal which allows obsidian to fully display all its virtues. Our collection of obsidian necklaces also includes a series of pendants representing the signs of the Chinese zodiac. To benefit from both the protection of the stone and the guidance of your astrological sign!

So, browse our collection of obsidian necklaces and pendants and find the amulet that will best protect and take care of you...

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