Collection: Incense

Invoke the purifying power of incense in your home to diffuse an energy of serenity and cultivate your spirituality on a daily basis.

With their woody scents, our natural incenses will fill your home with good vibrations, ideal for a meditation session, yoga or for your rituals.

Discover the meaning and powers of incense ...

The benefits of natural incense

Natural incense has a multitude of virtues on the body, mind, and energies of a person or place.

Burning sage, for example, has a relaxing power. Indeed, sage smoke regulates the nervous system, which promotes the calming of anxiety, fears or stress. Its elegant scrolls connect the spirit to the Divine , invoking the presence of our guides. White sage is also ideal for cleansing the subtle bodies, ridding the aura of its energetic pollution.

In Ayurveda , incense such as nag champa , sandalwood or patchouli are used to balance the doshas, ​​the sacred principles that govern the body and mind, and thus generate harmony. These incenses also soothe inflammation and are conducive to the health of the respiratory tract.

The purifying, harmonizing and anti-stress powers of incense make it the best ally of practitioners of energy techniques, such as reiki. The smoke acts on the patient's energies and balances their chakras or energy centers.

Our premium Indian incense is made only from natural ingredients . The sticks and cones are made by hand, using traditional manufacturing techniques. In addition, our employees in India donate part of their profits to local charities.

Call upon the captivating scents of our burning incense and sage not only for their many powers, but also for their beauty. For example, with our backflow incense cones combined with one of our beautiful handmade incense burners, you will enjoy an elegant decoration for your home.

Using incense: how to benefit from its energies?

To use your incense properly, start by opening a door or window, to allow the smoke and negative energies to leave the premises. Then, light the end of your stick . Leave it lit for a few moments, then gently blow on the flame to extinguish it.

Wave the stick as you walk around the room or around the person or object you wish to purify. At the same time, think about your intentions, whether to invite cleansing or relaxing energy.

Imagine that the magical scent of the resin dissipates negative waves to create a relaxing atmosphere conducive to spiritual growth.

When you have finished your fumigation session, extinguish the incense stick by crushing its lit end. Never leave your sticks on unattended, and be sure to turn them off completely after each use.

Store your incense if possible in a dry place.

All our Indian incense is produced ethically and sustainably .

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