Guasha & Natural stone facial treatments

Collection: Guasha & Natural stone facial treatments

The "Gua sha & Natural stone facial treatments" collection from Karma Yoga Shop includes gua sha accessories for the face and massage rollers in obsidian, new jade and rose quartz, as well as a mask for the eye area in amethyst. The best lithotherapy for your anti-aging care!

The benefits of gua sha massage on the face

Widely used in traditional Chinese medicine, these natural stone products have unique properties which stimulate blood circulation, firm the skin and act as an anti-aging agent. They are perfect for a complete and natural facial treatment, and help you regain the radiance and firmness of your complexion. The amethyst mask in particular is known for its soothing and calming properties, it is particularly effective in relieving headaches and migraines.

Treat yourself to a little facelift with a simple massage in your facial routine! By massaging with a roller or gua sha stone, you stimulate collagen production in your face, which can delay or minimize wrinkles. To reduce dark circles and firm pores, opt for a massage roller instead. If you want to achieve facial relaxation and eliminate facial muscle pain, opt for gua sha! In both cases, you will notice a nice glow on your face; These accessories are suitable for all skin types. You can accompany your treatment with a gel or serum, without forgetting to finish with a moisturizing treatment.

How to massage yourself with a gua sha stone?

With a massage roller or a gua sha, the gesture to adopt always goes from the bottom to the chest and from the inside to the outside. We start at the base of the neck, and then smooth down to the ears. You can repeat the gesture starting from the nostrils, cheeks, nose, to massage above the eyebrows, under the eyelids...

Finish your boost and radiant treatment with a dose of hydration. Lift effect guaranteed!

A real stone for your gua sha massages

Karma Yoga Shop is committed to offering ethical and sustainable products. We have carefully sourced the stones to ensure that they are authentic, 100% natural and untreated, and respect our ethical and environmental values. Our products are distinguished by their superior quality, with a hand-made Amethyst mask, massage rollers with silent and robust bearings, and pretty boxes.

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