Long Mala bracelets 108 beads

Collection: Long Mala bracelets 108 beads

Immerse yourself in a regenerating session of meditation or prayer, scrolling through the beads of our mala bracelets of 108 natural stone beads .

Each bracelet is imbued with a powerful vibration , the benefits of which vary depending on its crystal composition. Amethyst, turquoise, tiger's eye or even lapis lazuli, each stone will take care of you in its own way. This, in the form of a jewel with highly spiritual value.

Discover the fascinating world of our long mala bracelets of 108 beads...

Meaning of the 108 bead mala bracelet

The mala bracelet comes from Buddhist and Hindu traditions . Its name meaning "rosary", "garland" or even "necklace", it usually accompanies the recitation of a prayer or a mantra . It can be made of natural stones, but also of seeds or wooden beads.

In Buddhism, it helps the reciter to count the 108 trials the Buddha went through, or to state his 108 names. Traditionally, a bead is scrolled for each name pronounced.

Hindus, for their part, use the mala for japa , an aspect of spiritual life dedicated to meditation. The number 108 in Hinduism can take on several meanings. It can refer to the 108 names of a deity as in Buddhism, or to the 108 lines of energy converging towards the heart chakra.

Reciting a prayer or a mantra using a mala bracelet allows you to find serenity by calming the mind . According to Hindu and Buddhist beliefs, by praying regularly using this object, one achieves enlightenment and liberation from the wheel of karma , or cycle of incarnations.

The benefits of a natural stone mala bracelet

By browsing our collection of 108 bead mala bracelets , you will find a wide selection of high quality natural stone bracelets .

First, the beads in our bracelets are polished using artisanal methods to highlight the natural beauty of the stone. In addition, with the help of our expert gemologist, we select high quality crystals with intact vibration. You thus benefit from a piece of jewelry that is both magnificent and has optimal properties.

Each bracelet also includes a stainless steel pendant, which maintains its shine and solidity over time. The elastic of the bracelet is also made of premium fiber directly imported from Japan.

Your mala bracelet will not only enrich your spirituality, for example by accompanying you in your meditation sessions or the recitation of mantras. It will envelop you in a beneficial energy that will help you regain well-being on all levels, thanks to the powers of lithotherapy . Each stone will have its particular effect on your body and mind.

So, for example, certain minerals like tiger's eye, agate or carnelian will help you regain vitality , optimism and creativity . Light blue gems like amazonite or apatite will act on the throat chakra to help you overcome your inner blockages and find peace .

Lapis lazuli and moonstone will be perfect for developing your intuition , while hematite or onyx will help you find your anchor. Use rhodonite or rose quartz to promote healing of emotional wounds and open the heart chakra, the center of love and compassion.

Finally, place an obsidian mala bracelet on your wrist to benefit from protective energy at all times. This mineral will be perfect for purifying negative energies of all kinds. Obsidian also acts on the root chakra; it is therefore ideal for regaining your physical and mental tone.

You can wear a mala bracelet of 108 beads around your wrist, but also as a necklace. It will be perfect as an original piece of jewelry or to support your daily meditation. It will also assist therapists and Reiki practitioners thanks to its high healing vibrations.

Discover our long mala bracelets with 108 semi-precious stone beads , and enjoy their gentle energies...

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