Guided meditations

Collection: Guided meditations

With our guided meditations , create a life that suits you.

These meditations are designed to help you thrive in different areas of your life . During a visualization guided by a voice full of kindness, learn to let go , meet your spiritual guide , or connect with your soul mate ...

With regular practice, you will be able to gradually detach yourself from your limiting patterns and connect with high energies, to evolve with joy on your own path.

Guided meditations to heal and elevate your life

An original Karma Yoga Shop creation, each guided meditation has been designed to help you explore a subject important to you. But also, to gradually find joy and inner peace.

In this collection, you will find guided meditations on the themes of love , relaxation and even spiritual elevation .

Our guided meditation “Freeing Blockages” , for example, will invite you to identify your inner fears and obstacles, and help you to gradually overcome them. Thus, you will find a feeling of personal power in the present moment.

The “Anti-stress” meditation will be perfect for people suffering from anxiety. She will help you soothe the mind, refocus an agitated mind and find serenity whatever your situation.

Would you like to meet your soul mate or manifest abundance ? We also have guided meditations dedicated to these topics, to help you experience these joys in material life.

So, take a comfortable seat on your cushion, connect to your deep breathing, and start reading. Then, with your eyes closed, let our narrator guide you on an unforgettable inner journey.

The benefits of guided meditation

The benefits of meditation are no longer in doubt! Both Buddhist monks and science agree on its numerous virtues on the body and mind.

With an emphasis on breathing and relaxation, practicing meditation day after day helps reduce stress . It is therefore a powerful tool for physical, mental and emotional healing, because stress is the cause of many illnesses and disorders. Meditation also helps to calm the mind and cultivate anchoring in the present moment.

But what about guided meditation ? The advantage of this kind of meditation is the mental image.

After a moment of relaxation, the practitioner is invited to visualize certain images and scenarios. The brain does not differentiate between what is imagined and real, this technique allows the meditator to experience positive events throughout his or her being . In doing so, the latter fully imbues himself with the energies, thoughts and emotions which will help him to live, sooner or later, his dreams in material life.

Meditating deeply on these images not only allows us to refocus the mind and relieve stress, but also to condition the brain to think and act in accordance with our aspirations .

So, grab your most comfortable cushion and immerse yourself in a guided meditation session. Our advice: practicing every day will give you quick and lasting results. ;)

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