Sound therapy

Collection: Sound therapy

Bathe your daily life with a gentle tone and fill your interior with beneficial energetic frequencies with our Sonotherapy collection .

In this collection, you will find the flagship products of well-being through sound . Beautiful objects, handmade and with quality materials, for optimal energy and properties .

So, ready to discover the benefits of our singing bowls , bells and tingshas ?

Sound therapy, an ancestral approach to well-being

Sound has always accompanied human beings in all their adventures, but also in their desire for well-being and their spiritual quest. From one culture to another, bells, singing bowls, and other chimes resonate their ethereal notes in temples and living spaces to invite higher energies.

Thanks to their sound, we rid the body of its problems , we restore the serenity of the mind, we connect with the vibrations of the Universe. They are also powerful vibrational cleansing tools, capable of dissipating bad vibes in just a few moments. Relaxation and letting go are the effects felt when in contact with this particular vibration!

Our Sonotherapy collection is made up of various objects, for all your needs in more or less subtle therapeutic sounds ! You will find the much appreciated singing bowl , the gentle bell , the venerable gong or even the discreet Tibetan cymbals or tingshas .

Call on them to promote relaxation and deepen your meditation. If you are a therapist, our Tibetan singing bowls can accompany you in a therapy or massage session to create an atmosphere conducive to healing.

Karma Yoga Shop sound therapy objects: harmony between respect and quality

At Karma Yoga Shop, our leitmotif is both simple and ambitious: we want to contribute to a more beautiful and fairer world , in all aspects of our activity.

Also, for our Sonothérapie collection, we called on experienced and passionate collaborators to create unique and qualitative sound pieces to harmonize the body and mind.

Handmade with high quality metals, our singing bowls, tingshas and bells emit a pure and rich harmonic sound , for the greatest pleasure of the ears. But also, for total well-being , since their sonic and vibrational harmonization properties are preserved.

In addition, our partners share our ethical values, and adapt their production accordingly. Thus, all the craftsmen involved in the production of our products benefit from safe working conditions and a fair salary , commensurate with the work provided.

So, browse our Sonotherapy collection , and let yourself be enchanted by the sublime notes of our singing bowls , bells , tingsha cymbals and gongs .

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