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Need a comfortable support filled with good vibrations for your meditation?

Take a seat on one of our colorful and durable zafus made from natural materials! It will accompany you for a long time in your sessions of well-being and contemplation...

Zafu, much more than a comfort accessory

Human beings have been meditating for several millennia. As spiritual beings incarnated on Earth, we have always felt the need to connect with higher forces, to obtain protection, healing and guidance.

But, for a truly regenerating and inspiring meditation , certain external conditions are necessary; we have always known this too. Among these conditions: a calm environment, a relaxing atmosphere and... good seating !

Yes: a comfortable position facilitates the meditative state, because it allows the mind to fully relax, while focusing its attention on the present moment.

Zen Buddhists, among others, understood this well and developed zafu .

This small meditation cushion , originating from China and present in Asia as far as Japan, is traditionally made up of three pieces of fabric sewn together, then filled with cattails or cattails. These plants in the reed family provide thick, soft padding, ideal for a comfortable cushion . Modern zafus are generally filled with buckwheat husks or kapok fibers.

The big advantage of zafu is that it offers a stable seat by raising the hips, and thus allows the meditator to fully benefit from his meditation . A reliable and solid object therefore, which occupies a place of honor among Buddhists.

Indeed, Zen Buddhism imposes certain codes to be observed. After carefully carrying his zafu to the meditation hall, the meditator traditionally performs the gassho , a salute expressing reverence and respect. Standing in front of the zafu , he places his hands in front of his chest, then leans slightly forward before settling on the cushion. In doing so, one thanks the zafu for his help in carrying out daily spiritual practice.

Zazen meditation can then begin. In total silence, the meditator crosses his legs, then places his hands on the lower abdomen, palms raised towards the sky, the right palm in the left palm. With his eyes half-closed, he simply follows his breathing, observing his thoughts. .

Such a practice gradually leads to enlightenment and the achievement of inner peace ... Incredible, what a quality meditation cushion can do for you!

KYS zafus and meditation cushions: ethical, beneficial and resistant

It's no longer a secret: at Karma Yoga Shop, our goal is for you to feel good! With our products, we want to envelop you in good energies , and help you take lasting care of your body, your mind, your soul . This, of course, while preserving the Earth and our ecosystems.

Our Zafus collection is part of this perspective. Always true to our values, we ensure that our meditation cushions are manufactured with the greatest respect for human beings and the planet .

KYS zafus are designed in European workshops, in Poland more precisely. The employees involved in their implementation therefore benefit from optimal working conditions , governed by European standards, and fair salaries .

Our zafus are, moreover, entirely made of OEKO-TEX certified cotton , a label which guarantees that the cotton used does not contain any substances harmful to health or the environment.

For the padding, we use either buckwheat husks or kapok fibers , two completely natural materials. The padding materials are also dusted and washed, for a completely hypoallergenic cushion . These materials also provide excellent support for the body and adaptability to any body shape .

Each zafu is equipped with a handle for easy transport. It also has a discreet zipper, for washing the cover (at 40° maximum) or for adding filling.

Finally, know that our zafus are extremely resistant : with excellent support over time, they do not bunch up and keep their shape, for many well-being sessions!

The KYS quality detail? The small label with our initials in gold letters...

So, can't wait to start your meditation on a zafu with good energies and high quality ? All you have to do is browse our Zafus collection , then select your ideal cushion from the varied colors!

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