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Are you a professional and looking for a new brand to offer to your customers?
Whether you are a jewelry store, a concept store, a wellness center or a therapist, you are in the right place!
Karma Yoga Shop is the European leader in the market for natural stone jewelry and lithotherapy. And now, the 600 products from our KYS brand are available to professionals at exceptional conditions.
To join the 300 resellers around the world who already trust us, nothing could be simpler.

You can register either:

  • on our site dedicated to professionals: click here
  • on marketplaces reserved for professionals:
    • ANKORSTORE : €100 offered for new subscribers with the code LIFT-ASFGEKY6 : click here
    • DO : 50% off the first order (maximum discount of €150) for new registrants: click here
    • CREOATE : €100 / €200 / €300 offered depending on the amount of your order with the codes CREOATE100 / CREOATE200 / CREOATE300 : click here
    • ORDERCHAMP : 10% reduction for professionals (Belgium, Holland, Germany, Austria only) with the code KYSSA-GIFT : click here i

Don't hesitate to register on these platforms to benefit from free products that you can quickly present to your customers.
These offers can be combined , without compensation and without commitment !

Your natural stone supplier in France

All Karma Yoga Shop products are available at wholesale prices on our reseller catalog . More than 600 references are in stock and available for resale.
Here are some examples of professionals who have taken advantage of these offers:

  • Catherine, manager of a concept store in Montpellier : thanks to the €150 reduction coupon offered on the FAIRE platform, Catherine was able to build up a free stock of wall decorations for her store. Since shipping costs are also free , Catherine paid nothing on her first purchase . Having become a loyal customer, she still benefits from free delivery and 60-day deferred payment on all her orders.
  • Nadia, florist in Brest : by registering on ANKORSTORE, Nadia benefited from €100 of products offered in our catalog. She was thus able to create a collection of tumbled stones for free. Its customers are delighted to be able to add a semi-precious stone to their floral arrangements. With a 20% reduction on her next orders, Nadia can restock at a lower cost and quickly.
  • Elia, manager of a beauty institute in Bayonne : the offer proposed by CREOATE allowed her to obtain €330 on her order. She had wanted to offer natural stone jewelry to her customers for a long time. She also offers massage formulas using certain tumbled stones to promote emotional letting go and relaxation.
  • Thibault, herbalist in Versailles : seduced by our range of fumigation sticks and natural incense, Thibault is proud to offer high quality and environmentally friendly products. By combining the FAIRE and ANKORSTORE offers, he was able to test our products for free and generate numerous sales without investing any money. From now on Thibault is a faithful among the faithful.

Each of our resellers has their own story. We hope we can help you write yours.

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The Karma Yoga Shop Offer summarized in 10 points:

  1. Wide range of products (more than 600 references available).
  2. Attractive professional rates.
  3. Low order amounts accepted.
  4. Products available individually.
  5. Stock in France.
  6. Orders shipped within 48 hours.
  7. Deferred payment (30 or 60 days).
  8. Launch of new products every quarter.
  9. Customer service dedicated to professionals.
  10. All our stones are authenticated and selected by an expert Gemologist.

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    Team up with the best natural stone jewelry wholesaler

    Karma Yoga Shop natural stone jewelry has already won over more than 350,000 women and men since 2016.
    Since the opening of our reseller offer a few months ago, more than 400 jewelry stores, merchants, therapists, beauty salons and other professionals have already purchased our jewelry for resale.

    Supplier of 300 lithotherapy jewels

    By registering in our professional catalog, you have instant access to our 300 natural stone jewelry items. You will then have the choice to make your selection between bracelets, necklaces, rings and earrings. Even our famous 108-bead mala bracelets that have made our reputation are available for resale.

    Why resell Yoga Shop karma stone jewelry?

    1. Authentic stones : we create our pearls from raw stones, the authenticity and quality of which are carefully controlled by our expert gemologist. You are sure to offer your customers stones that are both authentic and quality. This is all the more important if, like us, you believe in the virtues of lithotherapy,
    2. A preserved vibration : this careful selection of stones allows them to completely retain their pure and natural vibration; their powers over body and mind are intact.
    3. Very soft materials : you have the choice between jewelry in 925 Silver or stainless steel. All pieces such as pendants and stoppers are created in stainless steel, the only hypo-allergenic metal that lasts over time, retaining all its shine. For our elastic bracelets, we have selected the best elastics, imported from Japan, for their quality fibers.
    4. A unique design : Karma Yoga Shop natural stone jewelry has its own energy... and its own identity! From pendants to stoppers, including our distinctive “K” engraved on a pearl or a lozenge, our team has designed unique pieces, markers of our values ​​and our desire to spread beauty and good energy around us,
    5. Experienced and ethical manufacturers : all our collaborators involved in the making of our jewelry are handpicked. From the start, we wanted to work with demanding and qualified manufacturers, but also driven by the same values ​​as us. So for our jewelry, we work with a manufacturer with more than ten years of experience in the field. Each piece of jewelry is made by hand, and always with respect for the workers, who benefit from fair working conditions and wages.
    6. Pretty organic cotton bags: All our jewelry is delivered in its own organic cotton bag.

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    Supplier of natural stones for professionals

    Since our stone jewelry became known, we opened a large collection of minerals in August 2021. Thanks to the expertise of our specialized mineral buyers and our expert gemologist, we work in collaboration with suppliers and mines in all four corners of the world.
    You will find in our professional catalog nearly 300 natural stones , whether Yoni Eggs, Tumbled Stones, Pebbles, Pendulums, Wands, Massage Sticks, Angels, Pyramids and Hearts. Our collection of natural stones continues to grow month by month.
    All our materials are selected by our expert gemologist according to our quality & ethical objectives .
    Unlike most stone wholesalers, we do not sell our stones in bulk but at a price per piece. This will allow you to better control your costs and your stock, but also so that you can discover as many different products as possible without necessarily buying a lot to start with. This will save you money and make pricing much simpler. It will also be very easy to restock the number of pieces you want.

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    A wide choice of yoga, well-being and spirituality products

    By subscribing to our professional catalog, you have immediate access to a wide choice of products. In addition to our jewelry and minerals, you also have access to all our other collections at reseller prices:
    • Fumigation: Incense, ceramic incense burners, but also our premium sage sticks.
    • Sound therapy: Tibetan bowls, crystal singing bowls, but also our instruments such as the Tibetan Bell, the Gong or the Tingshas.
    • Zen decoration: Salt lamps, Sun catchers, Crystal ball, crystal flowers, Metal pendant lights and Stickers
    • Yoga: Zafus and Bolster, Yoga mats and accessories, Organic cotton T-shirts and leggings

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    The advantages of the Karma Yoga Shop professional offers

    As a merchant who has become a leader in its market in just a few years, we know the difficulties you face and we have built an offer that will help you prosper .
    As professionals, the first thing we must think about is the satisfaction of our clients. With products that have proven themselves on our online store, and which we offer you at a very competitive reseller price, you are sure to make the right choice.
    Karma Yoga Shop works with a large logistics center in the Paris region to allow you to be delivered quickly. All our products are in stock and our reseller catalog is updated in real time.
    We are used to shipping our products worldwide, so we know how to package our products so that they always arrive in perfect condition. If you have the slightest problem with an order, our customer service will respond within 48 hours to resolve your problem.

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    Are you eligible for our pro offers?

    Our conditions of acceptance to our resale program are simple:
    ✅ To be able to purchase Karma Yoga Shop products at their reseller prices, you must be a registered professional with a valid SIREN number .
    You must have either a physical store (with storefront), a independent e-shop or a point of sale/permanent corner with a range of products.
    Until you are registered, you cannot access the wholesale price nor place an order.
    Some concrete examples, you are not eligible to purchase from the Karma Yoga Shop professional catalog on the Ankorstore ecosystem if you:
    • Resell only through Amazon or Ebay
    • Only resell through Facebook, Instagram, Etsy or other third-party marketplaces
    • Want to buy for corporate gifts
    • Want to buy products to use in your professional activity, without reselling them
    • Want to purchase for personal use of members of your company
    Please note that :
    • You may be asked to submit documents to verify and confirm your identity
    • We reserve the right to refuse any customer who does not meet our criteria.

    A question ? Contact our customer service at