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Kit of 5 stones “Develop my Intuition”

Kit of 5 stones “Develop my Intuition”

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Awaken your sixth sense with this kit of 5 “Develop my Intuition” stones .

We have brought together in this special kit five of the most effective stones for stimulating intuition and extrasensory perceptions .

Thus, amethyst will open your crown chakra , center of connection to the Divine, to connect you to guidance from higher consciousness . It will help you see beyond your individual perception to navigate life with grace and clarity.

Lapis lazuli is a stone of the 3rd eye chakra, the energy center corresponding to right perception . This stone will open this other center of intuition to help you see situations and events beyond appearances . You will act and make your decisions based on your subtle feelings, in addition to the objective information at your disposal. It will also awaken psychic faculties such as clairvoyance, clairaudience or clairsentience.

Angelite , which also acts on the crown chakra , will more precisely strengthen the link with your guides and your guardian angels . This will allow you to benefit from their advice in all circumstances, for example by paying attention to the signs and synchronicities that are sent to you.

Heliotrope will help you stay centered and confident in your feelings , and will encourage you to follow your intuition even when everything around you seems to oppose it.

The scolosite will act on the crown chakra to bring down the energies of Light and Harmony . She will gently invite you to rely on the Universe to guide you and protect you, even when things seem uncertain.

To properly use your stones for intuition , place them in your purse or pocket to benefit from their guidance at all times . You can also meditate in their presence and ask them to awaken your intuition , particularly if you are faced with a choice or have to make an important decision.

Karma Yoga Shop stones combine quality and ethics . With the help of our expert gemologist, we select authentic stones, extracted and polished in conditions that respect human beings and the Earth.

Your tumbled stones don't look exactly like those presented in our store? This is normal, each stone is particular and therefore has a unique appearance. Their virtues remain the same!


  • Stones: Amethyst, Lapis Lazuli, Angelite, Heliotrope, Scolosite
  • Weight per stone: approximately 20 g
  • Size of a stone: 2-3 cm
  • Organic fabric pouch

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