Sage and fumigation sticks

Collection: Sage and fumigation sticks

Want to fill your home with good vibes , but also with a delicious woody scent? Our sage and fumigation sticks collection will delight you as much with its aromatic scents as with its beneficial virtues and energies . Read more to discover the special features of our fumigation sticks...

The benefits of fumigation

The technique of fumigation has been used for thousands of years to purify places, people, objects and even events .

These mysterious and purifying smokes are used in the four corners of the world and in many cultures, from Tibet to Egypt, via Europe and North America.

Incense , white sage leaves , rosemary , cedar and yerba santa ... So many dried herbs with medicinal properties which, once lit, diffuse their captivating and soothing aroma , for your greatest happiness.

Neutralizing bad vibes and inviting positive energies into your home, a Karma Yoga Shop fumigation stick will help you cultivate energetic, emotional, mental and physical well-being .

For example, it will promote a good circulation of energies , soothe stress and clarify thoughts . This, while repelling insects and other undesirables!

This, while maintaining a high vibration rate in your interior , and preparing the space for a ritual or a sacred ceremony .

In this collection, find the great classics of fumigation , such as the powerful and venerable white sage , to support you in all aspects of your spiritual practice.

Light the end of your fumigation stick, and let yourself little by little be enveloped by fragrant and beneficial clouds...

An ethical and superior quality sage

As you know, at Karma Yoga Shop, our dearest desire is to contribute to a more beautiful and fairer world. Also, we surround ourselves with the best producers in the field of fumigation , to be sure to provide you with ethical and qualitative products .

So, our white sage and burning herbs are grown on certified organic land . From seed to harvest, fertilizers, pesticides and GMOs are completely banned, to favor the most powerful growth powers there are: those of Mother Nature.

In addition, our suppliers strive to take only a few leaves each harvest, which allows the plant to flourish and strengthen over time. The result is a fumigation herb with optimal odor and properties.

But the ethical approach does not stop there. Our employees also apply this respect for Nature and its creations, of course, to human beings.

Thus, the indigenous populations behind the ancestral custom of fumigation with sage are respected in their memory and their traditions. Furthermore, the workers involved in the cultivation of our plants benefit from fair working conditions and wages.

Born from the love and care of our suppliers, Karma Yoga Shop white sage and dry fumigation herbs are therefore both of superior quality , and as close as possible to the traditions that have always cherished and used them.

So, are you ready to call upon the magical powers of white sage and fumigation herbs ?

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