Quality & ethics

By taking an interest in the origin, the conditions of extraction, transportation and storage of our stones, as well as the working conditions in the mines, you demonstrate a great openness of conscience.

Your curiosity in this area is to be encouraged because it is thanks to consumers like you that businesses are gradually being led to learn about the ethical issues surrounding stones, and to evolve.

We invite you to read and share this article that we wrote to inform everyone of the ethical, human and environmental issues related to the stone trade , as well as the solutions to remedy them:

Is lithotherapy ethical?

Are you wondering about the ethics of lithotherapy? Are you wondering if your interest in stones is having a negative impact on the world?

Some online articles rightly highlight the hidden side of crystals...

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Where do our stones come from?

At KARMA YOGA SHOP , our mission is to raise the vibration of the planet by allowing everyone to obtain stones, jewelry and objects filled with good energies.

We therefore pay very particular attention to the quality, authenticity and origin of our stones . Our team being made up of enthusiasts, therapists, expert gemologists, and buyers in several countries around the world, we have all the keys in hand to accomplish our mission.

Love of stones

Those who are able to sense the energy of crystals know how much their energy should be respected. Taking crystals from Earth in an unethical manner leaves an imprint in the energy of the stone. Crystals record the energy of the people around them and the vibrational environment in which they operate. We want to be sure that our crystals are of the highest quality and have been sourced with love. We choose the stones as if they were intended for our own use, and we encourage you to take care of them by trying to listen to (or perceive) their messages.

In a crystal we are clearly shown evidence of the existence of the formation of a life principle. And although we cannot understand the life of a crystal, it is nevertheless a living Being.Nikola Tesla

Our stones come from more than 50 different countries and are all selected by our expert Gemologist. She ensures the authenticity and quality of the stones, while selecting the best prices. Our visitors are sometimes pleasantly surprised by the affordable prices that we offer, this is because whenever possible, we favor purchasing without an intermediary. We also buy in large quantities to be able to offer you lower prices.

The well-being of all

Although the quality of our stones is a priority, it would not be complete without our desire to ensure the well-being of all the people who participate in the different stages necessary for the arrival of your stones.

We always choose to work with companies that we have already visited or that are transparent about the working conditions of their employees. When we work with intermediaries, for example for the creation of our jewelry, we always take the time to create a relationship of trust with them and to inform ourselves about the origin of their raw materials. Although it is still difficult today to obtain all the information we would like to have, we are moving little by little in this direction, towards ever more awareness.

The well-being and personal development of the people with whom we have professional relationships is also precious to us. We let our humanist and ethical values ​​shine through each exchange with our interlocutors with the aim of always inspiring positive development.


The same goes for ecological and environmental issues. Even if it is still difficult to find mines, artisans or producers who are completely aware of environmental issues, we do not fail to inform them of our expectations. We also do our best to use eco-responsible materials when designing our products or packaging, and to use recycled plastic when it cannot be replaced.

We also try to minimize our impact on the environment by shipping all goods by ship or train rather than by air, unless the items involved are lightweight or are being shipped from a country that does not have ports. easily accessible maritime routes.

Where to order quality ethical stones?

Ultimately, we believe the most important thing is to do our best to move toward an ideal, working with people we trust. Since our beginnings in July 2016, we are proud of the progress we have made and are more committed than ever to continuing to progress on this path with our sole guide: our love for stones, for nature and for all humans for whom and with whom we let's work.

Whether you choose to obtain a stone in a store near you, or from an online lithotherapy store, make sure that the stones you are going to place in your home or that the stone jewelry you are going to wear or offer to the ones you love, come from a trusted source that is aligned with your values.

By being reassured about the ethical origin of your stones and the positive impact your purchase has had, you will be even more receptive and confident when you use them.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder - Oscar Wilde

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