Fine rings

Collection: Fine rings

Channel the energies of sacred geometry thanks to our collection of fine rings , a wonderful alloy of finesse and spirituality.

From the Sri Yantra to the Flower of Life via Metatron's Cube , find the most powerful forms of the Universe, engraved on a magnificent silver or gold-plated ring .

Discover the powers of each pattern as well as its benefits on your body, your mind and your life.

The powers of sacred geometry, at your fingertips

Sacred geometry is an ancestral discipline stemming from the most esoteric areas of knowledge... According to it, certain forms are found everywhere in the Universe, from the atom to the arrangement of the planets. These forms possess specific energy and powers, capable of restoring harmony to all planes.

In the world of sacred geometry, several motifs stand out, including the pyramid or the Merkaba, a shape from the Jewish spiritual tradition. For this collection of fine rings , we have selected three particularly powerful motifs: the Flower of Life, the Metatron's Cube and the Sri Yantra.

The Flower of Life, first of all, is a representation of the vital force and fundamental energy that underpins the Universe. It also represents creation, growth, and the interconnection between all that exists. Its shape waves restore harmony at the cellular level.

A gold-plated or silver “Flower of Life” ring will therefore be perfect to support healing , but also to promote balance and fulfillment in all areas of life. It will also make an elegant piece of jewelry, infusing a mystical aura into your look.

Metatron's Cube, named after the powerful archangel of the same name, is made up of different shapes including Platonic solids. These are also part of the repertoire of sacred geometry. According to tradition, Metatron descended to Earth to protect and accompany human beings on their earthly journey.

Wear a fine “Metatron’s Cube” ring to benefit from the guidance of your guides, guardian angels, or Metatron himself. The beautiful adornment helps you connect to the presence of the beings of light who walk alongside you at all times.

Finally, the Sri Yantra is a powerful symbol from Eastern traditions. In Hindu Vedic texts, she is described as the "Mother of Yantras", the symbols of meditation and spiritual elevation.

Its wave of form would carry within it the energy of the cosmic Mother , or the universal energy, at the origin of all creation. Wear a “Sri Yantra” ring to cultivate inner peace , and feel enveloped in infinite Love . Its golden or silver shine will remind you that you are never alone, and that the Universe supports you.

High quality thin rings

Our silver rings are made with a focus on quality, to allow you to make the most of the positive energies of sacred geometry.

They are made of a high quality metal, 925 silver . This material retains its shine and solidity over time, guaranteeing an adornment of eternal delicacy, worthy of the best jewelry.

Each ring is partly made by hand, in workshops observing ethical practices on a human and environmental level.

A pretty fine ring inspired by sacred geometry will make an original gift for both women and men. Regardless of the genre, everyone can greatly benefit from the virtues of these almost magical forms!

Each gold-plated or silver ring comes in different formats. So take the time to select the ring size that suits you.

So let the waves of fitness take care of you by putting one of our superb fine rings on your finger! Rather keen on lithotherapy? Also discover our collection of natural stone rings !

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