Collection: Angels

Let yourself be enveloped by the wings of our natural stone angels . Their protective and soothing energies will be there to comfort you in all circumstances.

Meaning and virtues of a crystal angel

The guardian angel is a central figure in spirituality. This disembodied being evolving on higher planes plays the role of protector, guide and advisor for human beings. An infallible and omniscient ally, he relieves our fears and tenderly guides us on the path to fulfillment and enlightenment.

With a natural stone angel , you connect to the presence of this winged guide while benefiting from the powers of crystals . Your little angel can take on the meaning you want: it can represent your personal guide, a deity that is dear to you, a concept (love, abundance...etc) or even a loved one.

Your angel is made up of a lithotherapy crystal with special vibration and properties. So you benefit not only from the high energy of the angel, but also from the vibrations of the stone from which it is carved. Certain minerals such as amethyst will have a soothing effect, while tiger's eye will be revitalizing. We'll tell you more right away.

Stone angels with beneficial vibrations

Each mineral has its vibration and its virtues on the physical, emotional and vibrational body. The combination of these powers with the powerful vibration of the angel will make your crystal angel the best amulet.

Thus, rose quartz is the crystal of Love and compassion. A rose quartz angel will therefore be ideal for cultivating love in your life. This quartz will envelop you in a veil of serenity and calm fears. A rock crystal angel , stone of the crown chakra, will be perfect for connecting you to higher planes and purifying negative energies.

Choose an angel in green aventurine to attract abundance, and in rhodonite to promote the healing of trauma and inner wounds. To request superior protection, awaken intuition and obtain purification from energetic pollution, opt for a labradorite angel . Finally, a fluorite angel will infuse you with a mixture of calm and vitality in all circumstances.

So invite one of our natural lithotherapy gem angels into your daily life... You will never again feel alone on the path to well-being and spiritual growth.

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