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Fluorite Angel

Fluorite Angel

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Invite this sweet fluorite angel into your living space, and awaken your inner genius ...

Angels are infinitely benevolent and beneficial beings, whose main mission is to help us flourish . They accompany us on a daily basis to help us develop and fully express our potential and our unique talents.

Similarly, fluorite emits a vibration that encourages us to tap into our inner resources and embody our creative genius. Stone of the intellect , it is ideal for clarifying thoughts, but also and above all for mobilizing the forces of our mind. It is used to develop the faculty of reasoning, increase concentration and become mentally organized.

Fluorite also invites us to open ourselves to novelty and to let the flow of thoughts flow, which makes it an excellent support for creativity. With its inspiring colors, it will inspire you with genius ideas!

Calming, fluorite is also ideal for calming an over-stimulated nervous system and regaining a deep feeling of serenity . Particularly effective against anger and resentment, it encourages us to forgive others when they have hurt us.

Invoke this stone angel to support you in your studies or for any learning activity. It will help your mind assimilate new concepts and apply them in a relevant way.

This fluorite angel will also accompany you to give free rein to your creativity and express yourself through your favorite medium, whether it is words, painting, music or even dance.

The calming waves of this fluorite angel will promote a soothing atmosphere in your interior, making your home a space of regeneration and meditation.

Know that fluorite corresponds to the archangel Metatron and the ray of Forgiveness. However, you can adopt it to act as your own guide or guardian angel.


  • Stone: Fluorite
  • Weight: 25g
  • Dimensions: 3 x 6 cm

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