Tumbled Stone Kits

Collection: Tumbled Stone Kits

Do you want to cultivate your inner joy , get out of depression or awaken your intuition ? Are you experiencing difficulties in your relationship or in your finances ? Would you like to develop your creativity or reach your ideal weight ?

Whatever the subject that concerns you, call upon the powers of semi-precious stones , with one of our tumbled stone kits .

Kits designed to support you in the different spheres of your life , whether it is health, material abundance or relationships...

The power of lithotherapy stones to your rescue!

Crystals are a true gift from Mother Nature.

With their millions of colors, shapes and textures, they are a delight for the eyes. From our first millennia on this Earth, we have made them our companions, hiding them in our pockets or mounting them on superb jewelry.

But if we appreciate these natural gems so much, to the point of integrating them into our daily lives, it is also because of their innumerable properties . Each stone, depending on its variety, its color, its crystal structure, vibrates with a particular energy , which will have certain benefits on the body, the mind, and on different areas of life .

With these kits, we wanted to channel these energies wisely and bring you the best of lithotherapy stones by bringing them together by theme. Each kit therefore consists of five well-chosen crystals, according to their specific properties and their influence on different aspects of daily life.

So, whether you want to recover from a difficult relationship or a separation , cultivate your natural talents and share them with the world, or experience a harmonious pregnancy , you will find a kit for each of your aspirations.

Depending on their unique vibration, your stones will respond to relieve you, revitalize you or envelop you in inspiring energy .

You just need to determine which kit will do you the most good! You can then use the stones according to your needs.

Use your stones correctly? A question of feeling!

You certainly know: to take full advantage of the power of crystals , there are many ways to use them. For example, you can integrate them into your daily meditation , place them on a specific area of ​​the body or simply keep them with you throughout the day.

With our tumbled stone kits , these possibilities are multiplied, since you can use one, two or all of your stones at the same time.

So, whether you are well versed in lithotherapy or are a beginner in the field, all you have to do is read the description of each kit and select your stones according to your current needs .

In any case, to choose the stone best suited to your expectations , and determine how you are going to use it, the main thing is to trust your feelings .

So, if you don't know which stone(s) to select, connect to your body, and ask yourself " Which crystal would be the most beneficial for me, here and now? " Pay attention to your physical, emotional and subtle feelings when making your choice.

Proceed in the same way to determine its use: applied to a chakra , in meditation or simply slipped into your pocket for the rest of the day ?

Our advice: using several stones with similar or complementary energies will increase their powers, and therefore promote positive results in the targeted area. ;)

In addition, collected in an adorable organic cotton pouch decorated with the initials of Karma Yoga Shop in gold letters, your tumbled stones can accompany you everywhere, all the time . You will be constantly immersed in a vibration conducive to healing and well-being in the area of ​​your life that concerns you.

So, choose your tumbled stone kit , dig into your little bag, and mobilize the beneficial energies of your crystals in a few moments!

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