Karma Yoga Shop is the first online store dedicated to lithotherapy and spirituality for enthusiasts of all ages. Our products are made with nature's finest materials, capturing the innate beauty of our world and improving the lives of everyone, at every stage of life.

Founded by Geoffrey, a passionate therapist and natural health expert, Karma Yoga Shop brings the revolutionary idea of ​​"inspired action" to the world of spiritual jewelry and sacred objects.

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Karma Yoga Shop started in July 2016 in the beauty of Nice with the bold idea of ​​searching the world for the most beautiful stones, the most exquisite jewelry and the most sacred spiritual objects - with ethics, transparency, authenticity and responsibility environmental.

We are passionate about stones

Each of our stones is carefully selected for its quality, authenticity and provenance. With a team of certified gemology experts, therapists and lithotherapy enthusiasts around the world, we ensure that our stones are not only of the highest quality, but also obtained with love and respect for nature.

Environmentally friendly

We limit our ecological and environmental impact as much as possible. Even if it is still difficult to find mines, artisans or producers who are completely aware of environmental issues, we do not fail to inform them of our expectations. We also do our best to use eco-responsible materials when designing our products or packaging, and to use recycled plastic when it cannot be replaced.

We also try to minimize our impact on the environment by shipping all goods by ship or train rather than by air, unless the items involved are lightweight or are being shipped from a country that does not have ports. easily accessible maritime routes.

Bracelet mala 7 Chakras de Guérison en Oeil de Tigre - Karma Yoga Shop


The well-being of everyone who contributes to our company is at the heart of our concerns. We strive to create relationships of trust and authenticity with everyone involved in the creation of our products.

Why “Karma Yoga”?

Non-attachment to the fruit of your action is called Karma Yoga . It is described as the path of “inspired action.” So do not worry about the fruit of your action, but simply focus your attention on the action itself. The fruit will come by itself.

Karma Yoga Shop is named this way to remind you that the best way to move forward in your life is to let yourself be guided by your intuition and by what brings you joy. Remember the definition of Karma Yoga: act for the pleasure of action, without thinking about the result. Let your heart guide you in your choices.

Bracelet Mala "Maîtrise des Emotions" de 108 perles en Rhodonite - Karma Yoga Shop

The key stages of our journey

Our story is one of constant growth and continuous improvement, fueled by our close-knit community and strong values. From the launch of our company in Nice in 2016, to the reinvention of Karma Yoga Shop in 2021, to our expansion with a new warehouse in the Paris region, each step of our journey has brought us closer to our vision of bringing the beauty of spirituality and lithotherapy in the world.

Each KYS product is an adventure in itself, designed to bring joy and fulfillment to those who own it. Our dedication to continuous improvement is reflected in our new product catalog launched in August 2021, highlighting the beauty of our world from a new perspective.

In short, Karma Yoga Shop is more than an online store. It is a community, a source of knowledge, a space for spiritual growth. We are here to help you find your path, to support you in your efforts and to celebrate your successes. We believe everyone has the power to create a better world, and we are honored to be part of your journey.