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THE clothes of the Karma Yoga Shop brand are all designed in organic cotton to respect your skin and the environment. Our leggings and t-shirts with unique designs have been designed to radiate good humor, embody authenticity, originality and comfort. Why choose organic cotton for your clothes?

Organic cotton clothing for better health

Clothing contains toxic products that can be irritating to the skin or bad for your health. You wear your leggings or t-shirt close to your body, so it's important to choose an ecological fabric that respects your skin . Organic cotton does not cause allergies and has a thicker fiber, which allows it to be softer and more supple to the touch . The icing on the cake is that organic cotton fiber is considered anti-bacterial and particularly anti-odor . We can never say it enough, nature really does things well.

Yoga clothing that respects the environment and workers

Choosing organic cotton clothing also means choosing to make an ecological and ethical gesture. From sowing the seed to harvesting the flower, organic cotton cultivation is carried out without pesticides, insecticides, GMOs, or chemical fertilizers. The cultivation of organic cotton therefore favors the surrounding ecosystems, it does not exhaust the soil and allows the women and men who work on production sites not to be exposed to pollutants harmful to their health.

Karma Yoga Shop leggings in organic cotton

We designed our leggings in France and we selected a Portuguese company which has expertise in organic cotton. We managed to obtain an exemplary result by mixing organic cotton with a little touch of elastane to give them all their elasticity and sparkling colors.

The cut of these leggings gives you comfort and all the range of movement you need. They don't tighten too much on the stomach and still stay in place. You will love wearing them both at home and outside, whether for your Yoga session or for a walk.

The Karma Yoga Shop T-shirt in organic cotton

With a soft touch and respectful of nature, our t-shirts are made from 100% high-end organic cotton. Designed and printed in France, they will bring you comfort and softness thanks to their weight of 150 G/M².

Clothes that feel good

Karma Yoga Shop clothing in organic cotton is not only clothing that respects Humans and Nature. It is also a time to refocus on yourself. It is the outfit that is both comfortable and inspiring with which you will live your most beautiful spiritual experiences. Wearing Karma Yoga Shop leggings or t-shirts means slowing down time. It's putting yourself in a state of mind conducive to enjoying the present moment. Meditate, spend time with those you love, relax in your sacred space...

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