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Collection: Amber Jewelry

Our Baltic amber jewelry will envelop you in warm energy, conducive to healing , vitality and optimism .

With their many virtues, Karma Yoga Shop amber necklaces and bracelets will take care of the whole family. Safe and high quality, they will be suitable for everyone, including children.

Discover our selection of amber jewelry for babies, children, adolescents and adults .

The Powers and Meaning of Amber Jewelry

As you certainly know, amber is a fossilized resin, sometimes presenting small organic inclusions.

This plant mineral was formed over the ages by the petrification of conifer secretions, trapping plant residues, insects and sometimes small animals in the process. The most popular gems contain mosquitoes, butterflies or even... lizards!

Amber has always been considered a precious crystal. Its golden shine gives the impression that the sun has also been captured by the honey-colored resin. The meaning of amber is often that of longevity, because it has been able to keep small organisms intact over thousands of years. It also represents solar energy and the regenerative forces of Mother Nature.

But if it is also appreciated, it is also and above all for its multiple healing properties on the body and mind.

Thus, it has long been used in lithotherapy for its anti-inflammatory powers, capable, for example, of soothing dental or joint pain such as rheumatism. It would also be excellent for relieving respiratory problems and stimulating the immune system.

Generally speaking, like a magical elixir coming directly from the heart of trees, fossil resin promotes tone , strength and endurance .

Full of negative ions , these particles naturally present in green spaces such as beaches or forests, amber is also conducive to balance on an energetic and emotional level. Containing the therapeutic energies of the Earth and the Sun, it dissipates negative vibrations, restoring vibrational harmony , and promoting positive emotions such as joy or confidence .

Wear a necklace or bracelet adorned with natural amber beads to cultivate well-being on all levels.

Our collection of amber jewelry includes varied styles. You will find bracelets and necklaces in yellow, multi-colored or cognac-colored amber ; the pearls are polished, round, baroque or oval in shape. The necklaces are with or without a pendant. In short, you will definitely find what you are looking for!

Also note that if an amber bracelet is a jewel of choice for women, it will also make a sober and elegant set for men.

Furthermore, because we want to offer you the best natural stone jewelry , our amber comes from the Baltic Sea . Baltic amber is indeed considered to be of very high quality. It is particularly appreciated by gemologists and lithotherapists for its beauty and powerful energy.

Amber jewelry for babies

Did you know that amber jewelry could provide excellent support for your growing baby ?

It is common to place an amber necklace around a toddler's neck to accompany him in his journey. Fossil resin would indeed have soothing properties on teething. The warm energy of amber would thus act as a painkiller capable of calming the most intense flare-ups.

In addition, the yellow, orange or golden color of amber will make a delightful ornament on your little one's neck. It will be perfect for calming him down during his difficult nights: its luminous energy relieves fear and worry, enveloping the child in softness.

As a wrist bracelet or a pretty necklace, Baby will be protected and pampered by this beautiful mineral at all times.

On the safety side, know that we have thought of everything.

So, the screw clasp, first of all, prevents baby from opening the jewelry on his own. Safety knots between each pearl prevent the pearls from scattering in the event of breakage. Your amber baby necklace is adjustable for the comfort and safety of your little one. The cord is made of natural fiber, hypoallergenic and resistant, to prevent any risk of breakage.

So, whether it’s for you, your lover, or your little one, take a look at our solar collection of amber jewelry !

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