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“Earth Forces” bracelet in Amber in 4 colors

“Earth Forces” bracelet in Amber in 4 colors

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This 4-color amber bracelet will illuminate you with its golden, purifying and invigorating radiance. You can wear it both to regain your vitality and to connect with the antediluvian knowledge of the Earth.

Amber is a unique material, both physically and metaphysically. Coming from prehistoric resin which has crystallized over the ages, it is a concentrate of mineralized organic matter and vital energy. In addition to its appeal for making superb jewelry, amber is sought after for its powerful virtues on the body and mind .

Wear this “Earth Forces” bracelet in 4-color amber to catalyze healing following an injury or illness. A vector of the forces of Mother Nature, it will infuse therapeutic energy which will support cellular regeneration and the elimination of toxins .

Excellent painkiller , you can also find the baby equivalent of this bracelet in our collection of amber jewelry for babies . In addition to relieving him of his dental pain and helping him sleep, it will comfort him with its reassuring golden light.

The cleansing effect of amber can also be used to purify the body's energies. Its waves will push energetic pollution out of your subtle bodies, and will be conducive to inner peace.

Connected to the Earth and its age-old wisdom, amber will also be an excellent companion to connect you to the past and evolve thanks to its lessons. Whether it's healing family trauma , dismantling intergenerational patterns or learning from your past lives, amber will be an excellent support for exploration.

Wear this “Earth Forces” bracelet in 4-color amber during a meditation dedicated to the past, in the broad sense (yours, that of your ancestors or even the Earth). While helping you channel useful information, amber will keep you in touch with present reality.

This bracelet will allow you to benefit from the powers of amber in all its nuances. Thus, it will act as much on the root chakra, center of anchoring, as on the sacral chakra, place of creative energy. You can also wear it for its effect on the solar plexus chakra, the center of personal power and assimilation.

With its elongated, unpolished pearls , this bracelet will add a touch of raw elegance to your outfit, recalling the untamed beauty of Mother Nature.

We have chosen the best quality amber , coming from deposits on the shores of the Baltic Sea.

We consider amber to be a delicate material, whose natural beauty is revealed by our artisanal work, and whose energy remains intact .

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  • Stones: Amber from the Baltic Sea, fossilized 44 million years ago
  • Weight: approximately 10 g
  • Length: 19cm

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