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Wear a moonstone bracelet , the crystal of Femininity , fertility and connection to higher planes ...

With this jewelry on your wrist, you will be overcome by a deep feeling of calm, which will accompany you throughout the day. You will also be in touch with your intuition, and make decisions aligned with your well-being. Stone of fertility, moonstone is also an excellent ally for those trying to conceive.

Discover our collection of moonstone bracelets , made exclusively from high-quality natural stones.

Meaning of a Moonstone Bracelet

Stone of the Feminine with oracular powers, linked to emotions and inner worlds, moonstone has been hypnotizing us for several millennia. Its pearly aura has fascinated many cultures throughout the ages, and has always been part of the paraphernalia of diviners.

In India, she was nicknamed "chandrakant", literally "beloved of the Moon". In ancient Greece, it was used for sacred rituals, especially when these were led by women. In medieval Europe, placing this mineral in the mouth made it possible to know in advance the destiny of a relationship.

Moonstone is connected to the night star. In spiritual and esoteric symbolism, the Moon represents the contemplative serenity of the night, interiority and meditation , gestation and fertility, imagination and the invisible worlds. Moonstone is a bit of a crystallization of this energy, inviting us to dive into ourselves in search of our own answers...

Wear a moonstone as a bracelet to connect with the feminine energies within you , and benefit from a soothing vibration at all times. This jewel will guide you step by step towards an ever more harmonious life.

Moonstone can sometimes be confused with rainbow moonstone . Where the first appears in the form of a pure white gem, rainbow moonstone, also called white labradorite, has bluish to iridescent reflections. The delicate, multi-colored shades of rainbow moonstone make it a particularly ravishing set.

Moonstone deposits are found in Canada, Australia, India and Madagascar.

A moonstone bracelet, for fertility and intuition

A moonstone bracelet will allow you to benefit from the gentle energies of the crystal while magnifying your style and your natural beauty.

Moonstone has many benefits. In lithotherapy , it is one of those crystals capable of calming the most difficult emotions, such as anger or sadness. It is perfect for calming fears and removing internal blockages of all kinds.

Its white or multicolored halo promotes tenderness , especially in the relationship between a mother and her child. Reflective and interior, it also encourages self-love, imagination and connection to one's emotions.

On a vibrational level, moonstone helps dissolve negative energies and energetic tensions present in the aura. It is also connected to the crown chakra , the center of the link to higher energies and the Infinite. As a stone of femininity, it is particularly linked to the sacred Feminine, a spiritual principle which represents creative, unconditional and universal Love.

On a physical level, moonstone will also assist you as a stone of femininity . It relieves problems of the female sexual and reproductive system, promoting healing in this specific area of ​​the body. It supports good hormonal regulation, soothes painful periods and the physical manifestations of menopause.

She will also be your best ally if you want to have a baby . Stone of gestation and birth, it will support your body for healthy baby development and a harmonious pregnancy. It will also make giving birth easier at the end of these wonderful nine months!

Our natural stone bracelets are made of high quality gems. The minerals that make up your bracelet are carefully selected by our expert gemologist. Each semi-precious stone is worked to obtain smooth and regular pearls, which highlight the natural beauty of the stone.

For a magnificent jewel, but also beneficial...

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