Crystal Decorative Objects

Collection: Crystal Decorative Objects

Succumb to a sparkling decor with our magnificent K9 crystal decorative objects .

With their pure reflection, they will illuminate your interiors in just a few moments. Perfect for a bohemian and mystical decoration ...

Crystal objects: for a radiant decoration

In this collection you will find unique decorative elements crafted from high quality crystal , K9 crystal. A resistant and perfectly transparent material, which gives each object a luminous aura.

Opt for the superb crystal ball if you want to give your living room a touch of mystery. The light will dance in its hypnotic sphere, bathing your living space with a beneficial vibration , and inviting you to see beyond appearances.

Much more than a simple decorative object, this best friend of clairvoyants will also help you develop your extrasensory perceptions . Focus your attention on your crystal ball and try to detect hidden messages from the Universe.

For fans of Zen decor , why not fall in love with one of our adorable crystal sculptures ? The lotus flower , for example, will not only adorn your coffee table. A symbol of spiritual growth, it will also remind you that any situation can be a wonderful opportunity to flourish.

The virtues of crystal

Crystal is not only a durable and elegant material , but also an excellent conductor of the warm energy of the sun . Reflecting the sun's rays in all directions, our decorative crystal objects will allow you to benefit from their therapeutic light.

In doing so, they will help harmonize the energies of your home, while inspiring serenity , joy and confidence . Perfect for decorating and illuminating any room in the house, from the bedroom to the living room, including the bathroom!

Browse our selection of luminous decorative objects in K9 crystal without further delay!

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