Stone hearts

Collection: Stone hearts

Let yourself be charmed by our adorable hearts made of lithotherapy stones , real amulets to cultivate well-being and love on a daily basis .

Our hearts are made of natural stones and cut by hand, so that each little heart radiates beauty and vibrates with an energy of tenderness.

Powers and Meaning of a Stone Heart

Have you ever found a heart-shaped stone , for example at the bend of a forest path or during a walk on the beach? Perhaps it was the Universe sending you a message: “You are loved and accompanied along the way.”

Our crystal hearts were designed to remind you that you are absolutely worthy of love , and that Love surrounds you. They encourage you to connect to your own heart center and provide yourself with all the compassion and kindness you need.

A natural stone heart can also be a symbol of a strong bond between you and your loved ones. A gift to give to your other half, your mother or even your neighbor!

Not content with vibrating with softness, our hearts are polished in natural minerals. So, with them, you benefit from the power of stones in all circumstances. Their properties bring you physical, emotional, mental and energetic harmony.

As you know, each stone has its unique vibrations: so choose your heart according to its virtues, taking into consideration your needs and your feelings.

Ideal for therapists and Reiki practitioners, labradorite is a stone of protection and purification that dissipates negative energies. It promotes physical healing and relieves headaches. It is also a third eye chakra crystal which stimulates intuition.

A rose quartz heart will be perfect for cultivating love in your life. It will promote serenity and kindness in relationships. It is also an excellent mineral for developing self-love.

With a heart made of rhodonite , mineral of the heart chakra and solar plexus, you will have unconditional support for the digestion of difficult emotions, to heal your old wounds and remove your blockages linked to relationships. Rhodonite also acts on the physical body by regulating the nervous system.

Finally, a tourmaline heart will be perfect for purifying energy pollution, bringing calm and vitality by defusing fears, and boosting the immune system.

A heart made of natural stone, because Karma Yoga Shop cares about you

Karma Yoga Shop has always been driven by a desire: to take care of yourself by offering you high-vibration jewelry and objects that really do you good. Objects that crystallize the beneficial energy of Mother Nature in all its quintessence.

Also for all our semi-precious stone objects, we ensure that we systematically use high quality crystals. The minerals are rigorously controlled by our expert gemologist, who verifies their origin, authenticity and quality.

For gems that make you say “I like!”, browse our collection of small natural stone hearts .

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