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Wear a magnificent labradorite bracelet on your wrist to develop your intuition and benefit from protective energy at all times.

With its silvery-gray to dark matrix covered with iridescent reflections, labradorite resembles a magical stone, which fascinates gemology and lithotherapy enthusiasts alike.

Discover our labradorite bracelets , the stone of protection and healing.

The benefits of a labradorite bracelet

Labradorite is among the favorite crystals of stone lovers, all categories combined. From collectors to therapists and clairvoyants, it has been guiding human beings for thousands of years on the path to well-being and enlightenment.

Sometimes covered with a multicolored and iridescent reflection, it evokes magic, the invisible and supernatural abilities . The Inuit of North America believed that the crystal came from the Northern Lights, or that it was the origin of this majestic weather phenomenon.

Stone of therapists, labradorite helps purify negative energies present in a patient's subtle bodies. It also reflects harmful waves in the distance, protecting its wearer against psychic attacks, bad vibrations and electromagnetic waves.

Labradorite deposits are found in various regions of the world, from the United States to Finland, Mexico and Madagascar.

Genuine labradorite bracelet: for protection and clairvoyance

A labradorite bracelet will take care of you in many ways. This mineral vibrates with an energy that is both purifying and calming , which helps restore harmony to the different levels of being.

Thus, a labradorite bracelet allows the purification of negative energies , both those present in your energetic bodies and in your environment. The gem will form a protective shield around you which will reflect negativity and bad vibes. In addition, such jewelry will dissolve any vibrational pollution in your aura, thus amplifying your vibration.

Labradorite stimulates the third eye chakra , the center of perception and clear vision. It is among the best minerals for awakening intuition and clairvoyance , but also promoting premonitory dreams.

On an emotional level, your labradorite jewelry will help you find your serenity during a stressful day. Its energy, both cleansing and protective, will protect you against external disturbances while reducing stress. You will be overcome by a deep feeling of calm . It is also an excellent ally for removing inner blockages and boosting self-confidence.

Finally on a physical level, labradorite relieves muscle pain and supports detoxification processes. It also strengthens the immune system, the body's natural barrier.

Our natural stone bracelets are all made of premium labradorite. Our expert gemologist rigorously controls the quality and authenticity of the crystals, while our collaborators in India work each mineral with expertise. The round pearls obtained for our bracelets are therefore perfectly smooth and highlight the natural beauty of the gems.

For stone jewelry that is as beautiful as it is beneficial!

Discover our labradorite bracelets , composed exclusively of natural stones.

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