7 Chakra Bracelets

Collection: 7 Chakra Bracelets

Make the energies circulate thanks to our 7 chakra bracelet made of natural minerals, a real asset for promoting harmony on all levels.

Thanks to this flagship set from our collection, you stimulate and harmonize your seven main energy centers at every moment, without even thinking about it. The result is overall well-being and a deep feeling of serenity...

What are the stones of the 7 chakra bracelet?

At Karma Yoga Shop, we want to offer you the best of lithotherapy with our natural stone bracelets . We therefore select our gems according to precise criteria, to obtain only premium crystals for our jewelry. These are scrutinized by our expert gemologist, who verifies their authenticity, origin and quality.

Each piece of jewelry is not only a delight for the eyes, but also vibrates with a powerful energy capable of dissolving negative vibrations, promoting healing and calming of the physical and emotional body, and increasing vitality.

The 7 natural stones used for this bracelet have been specially selected for their powerful effect on each chakra : red jasper, carnelian, tiger's eye, green aventurine, amazonite, lapis lazuli, amethyst. The polished round beads that make up the bracelet highlight the natural beauty of the stone.

The virtues and meaning of a 7 chakra bracelet

Each crystal acts in its own way on its associated energy center to remove any energy blockages and promote the balance of the targeted chakra.

Thus, red jasper activates the root chakra , the center of the link to the Earth. This allows you to develop a feeling of anchoring and internal security, in particular by dissipating anxieties linked to material life.

Carnelian stimulates the sacral chakra , the center of creativity and sexuality. This orange gem helps boost inspiration, but also cultivates a happy sex life.

Tiger's Eye strengthens the solar plexus chakra , the center of personal power and digestion. Golden quartz assists in the emotional and psychological assimilation of our experiences, allowing us to live our emotions healthily to allow them to be evacuated instead of remaining blocked in the body.

Green aventurine opens the heart chakra , the center of compassion. It is a stone of tenderness that encourages harmonious relationships, both with others and with oneself. By supporting this chakra, it relieves fears related to abandonment and loneliness, filling its owner with an energy of unconditional love.

Amazonite purifies the throat chakra , the center of self-expression. This mineral thus facilitates verbal communication, but also any form of personal expression. It helps you express your thoughts, feelings and emotions to others accurately.

Lapis lazuli awakens the third eye chakra , the center of clear vision. It therefore helps to develop one's intuition and extra-sensory abilities such as clairvoyance or clairaudience.

Finally, amethyst activates the crown chakra , center of connection to the Universe and the Divine. It dissolves confusion and negative energies present in the subtle bodies, while creating a bridge between consciousness and higher planes.

Our bracelets are embellished with adorable stainless steel pendants or separators , marked with the iconic K which reminds you that you are not wearing a bracelet like any other. You wear the best.

Wear these bracelets and you will gradually feel a feeling of balance and inner peace invade you.

These bracelets are composed exclusively of natural stones of very high vibrational quality.

So, browse our collection of 7 chakra bracelets in natural stone , for total purification of your energy centers!

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