Moonstone Necklaces

Collection: Moonstone Necklaces

Bathe in a pearly and beneficial energy with our magnificent moonstone necklaces .

Moonstone is a crystal of femininity , fertility and intuition . The most beautiful of all has the pretty name of rainbow moonstone, white labradorite or even peristerite. With its bluish to multi-colored reflection, it infuses any outfit with an aura of magic. This is the variety of moonstone we use for our jewelry.

Discover without further delay our collection of moonstone necklaces , as well as their many benefits.

The Meaning of a Moonstone Necklace

Moonstone has always symbolized the energy of the Feminine and its different qualities. Traditionally, the Feminine is the principle of receptivity, gestation, meditation and interiority. It exists in each of us, regardless of our gender.

A moonstone necklace will help you connect to the Feminine energies that radiate within you. The adornment will thus symbolize and amplify your imagination , your intuition and your connection to your feelings .

The moonstone necklace also represents the infinite Love and compassionate energy that vibrates throughout the Universe. It is an ideal jewel for learning to welcome your emotions, and developing love for yourself and others.

Your jewelry also represents your connection to higher planes . A true lucky charm, it will remind you that you have access at all times to the guidance of your guardian angels, and will amplify your luck. At all times, you are supported by a higher consciousness, whether you call it God or the Universe.

In addition to the energy of the stone, some of our necklaces also have particular symbolism. Our “Tree of Life” necklace, for example, is adorned with a delicate rainbow moonstone pendant enclosed by a small silver tree of life. The latter symbolizes the connection to Earth and Sky.

Discover our different silver and authentic mineral jewelry, and find the natural stone necklace that suits you.

Benefits of a real moonstone necklace

Not only will a beautiful moonstone necklace add a mystical, ethereal energy to your style, but it will pamper you in many different ways. By placing this adornment around your neck, you benefit from the benefits of lithotherapy.

Thus, a 925 silver and moonstone necklace will give you a deep feeling of calm at all times. It will be perfect for relieving fear and stress, replacing them with confidence and openness of the heart.

The semi-precious stone is connected to the crown chakra , the center of the connection with the divine plans. It will help you connect to the Universal Consciousness or to your spiritual guides. It is also a stone of the sacred Feminine and its different representations, notably the deities Isis, Guan Yi and even Mary.

Finally, moonstone is an excellent support for women's health . It will relieve painful periods, contribute to hormonal balance and even promote fertility . Ideal for mothers-to-be!

Concentrated with good energies, our natural stone jewelry is exclusively composed of high quality materials, whether it is a bracelet, a ring, a necklace... The crystals which constitute them are selected by our expert gemologist, who controls their authenticity and quality. The necklaces are made of 925 silver, a sublime metal whose silvery reflection does not tarnish over time, and highlights the beauty of the moonstone.

So, immerse yourself in the gentle energies of our moonstone necklaces ...

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