Natural stone pendants

Collection: Natural stone pendants

A natural stone pendant will not only adorn your neck with its vibrant colors. It will also bring vitality and harmony to all areas of your life!

Each of our pendants is made of high quality natural crystal. From amethyst to labradorite to moonstone, you will undoubtedly find the jewel that suits you.

Meaning of a natural stone pendant

You certainly know: every stone has its own aura, its own personality. Like us humans, each individual has a unique experience and energy. Also, the spiritual meaning of a semi-precious stone pendant varies depending on the mineral it is composed of.

For example, certain stones have a mystical meaning. This is the case of labradorite, the magical stone par excellence. This crystal known as a friend of magicians and healers reveals to its owner what is hidden from him. It is a stone of intuition that awakens the third eye and sharpens psychic abilities.

Rainbow moonstone, for its part, is a stone of femininity. It connects us to the forces of protection and guidance around us. It corresponds above all to the sacred Feminine, the principle of compassion and infinite Love which underlies the Universe. Your moonstone pendant will be there to remind you that you are guided and loved in all circumstances.

Other crystals will symbolize protection against negative energies and dark entities. This is the case, for example, of obsidian, considered a powerful talisman. The latter has been used since the dawn of time to dispel shadows and transcend difficulties. An obsidian pendant therefore means that you are protected wherever you go, and that you have the ability to overcome all obstacles.

Please note that our “Tree of Life” natural stone and silver pendants have additional symbolism. Indeed, in addition to the meaning of their base crystal, they also represent the growth forces of Nature, and the connection to the subtle worlds.

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Semi-precious stone pendant: beauty and well-being

Karma Yoga Shop natural stone jewelry is the product of an aspiration: to combine elegance and positive energies. We want you to benefit not only from the beauty of minerals, but also from the many benefits of lithotherapy .

To do this, we select the best from the mineral world. Also, our expert gemologist rigorously controls the quality and authenticity of each gem.

In addition, the stones are cut and worked by our partners in India using traditional methods. These techniques, partly manual, highlight the shine and natural beauty of the stone.

You therefore adorn yourself with a magnificent jewel... but also beneficial! We make sure to preserve the original vibration of our crystals, to allow you to benefit as much as possible from their virtues. All you have to do is choose your natural stone pendant according to its particular benefits.

So, a lapis lazuli pendant , for example, will be perfect for awakening your extrasensory perceptions. The beautiful royal blue stone stimulates the third eye chakra , to promote a fair vision of things.

Opt for a carnelian or citrine pendant to benefit from revitalizing energy. These warm-colored stones will be perfect for cultivating optimism, creativity, and recirculating the life forces in your body.

A malachite pendant will nourish compassion and tenderness. It will connect you to the growth energies of Mother Nature, promoting the healing of wounds of all kinds.

Spinel, a protective stone , will be ideal for purifying bad vibes, while giving you self-confidence. This crystal also relieves muscle pain, especially in the legs.

Finally, minerals such as chrysocolla or kyanite will be perfect for overcoming internal blockages . Excellent allies for overcoming shyness, they will give you peace and serenity in all situations.

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