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“Spiritual Evolution” necklace and pendant in Dendritic Opal and 925 Silver

“Spiritual Evolution” necklace and pendant in Dendritic Opal and 925 Silver

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Let your soul unfold with this beautiful dendritic opal and 925 silver necklace and pendant .

Dendritic opal is above all a stone of spiritual evolution . It will accompany you to expand your consciousness and connect you to the subtle dimensions of the cosmos .

Dendritic opal will thus allow you to be more aware of your life on Earth as a spiritual experience , the true goal of which is the evolution of the soul. It will invite you to relax in the flow of existence rather than wanting to control everything. In this sense, it is a good support for finding inner peace by detaching yourself a little from external circumstances and material things.

Stone of mystics and shamans, dendritic opal will open the doors of consciousness to you. With this stone, you will have access to the higher dimensions of the Universe , those of guardian angels, protective guides and ascended masters. So tap into its vibration to seek advice from your etheric allies, who have a richer and broader perception of your life.

Also wear this dendritic opal and 925 silver pendant to facilitate astral travel , but also during the exploration of past lives .

Dendritic opal will awaken and sharpen your psychic abilities , such as mediumistic gifts, clairvoyance or telepathy. Generally speaking, it will be ideal for developing your intuition , that is to say the part of you which is connected to the invisible aspects of existence. Wear this pretty dendritic opal pendant to make decisions aligned with your personal and spiritual growth.

At Karma Yoga Shop, our mission is to contribute to a more beautiful and fairer world. This is why we work with collaborators who are passionate about lithotherapy, but also respectful of the Earth and its inhabitants.


  • Stone: Dendritic Opal
  • Material: 925 silver
  • Weight of the pendant: around 10.50 gr
  • Dimensions: 4.5 cm
  • Chain length: about 46cm

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