Collection: Pyramids

Place one of our stone pyramids in your home to get rid of negative energies .

These pyramids are made of high quality natural minerals, for a lithotherapy object that is as beautiful as it is beneficial. Obsidian, labradorite, hematite or even fluorite, the most powerful minerals in the wonderful world of gems make up this collection, providing you with peace and well-being .

The virtues and meaning of a stone pyramid

If there is an essential form in esotericism, it is the pyramid . From the most mysterious monuments of our history such as the Great Pyramid of Egypt, to the fascinating device of orgonite, the pyramid emanates a magical aura.

According to certain occult traditions, containing the number 3 (number of its faces), which corresponds to Divinity, and the number 4, which represents the four elements, it symbolizes the link between Humanity and the Earth .

Its energetic properties are also numerous: its particular form dissipates inharmonious energies and amplifies the positive energies which pass through it or which compose it. A crystal pyramid will therefore naturally increase the vibration of the stone in which it is cut.

Thus, like all our objects made of semi-precious stones , our stone pyramids Natural products allow you to benefit as much as possible from the power of stones. Their properties are amplified by the shape of the pyramid. Likewise, their purifying action on bad vibrations is more significant, which explains why the pyramid is used so much as an "energetic cleanser" in interiors.

Each pyramid will have its particular vibration: therefore choose your stone pyramid according to the desired action.

Thus, an amethyst or rock crystal pyramid will be perfect for purifying bad vibes, particularly due to entities or harmful psychic and emotional energies. These two crystals also act on the crown chakra: perfect allies for awakening intuition or for a Reiki therapist.

A pyrite pyramid will contribute to material enrichment and promote a pragmatic spirit. To imbue yourself with an energy of love, tenderness and abundance, opt for a rose quartz or green aventurine pyramid . If you need to work on old wounds, a rhodonite pyramid will accompany you on the path to healing.

Red jasper will help you regain confidence and vitality, while amazonite will help you overcome your blockages and express yourself authentically. Finally, a tiger's eye pyramid , which stimulates the solar plexus chakra, will promote good physical and emotional digestion.

The shungite pyramid: a powerful vibrational cleanser

In the world of lithotherapy, the stone most renowned for its ability to effectively cleanse bad vibes is shungite . This mineral with a particularly powerful vibration promotes the purification of harmful energies of all kinds.

A shungite pyramid will be perfect for dissolving negative vibrations linked to emotional tensions, residual energies or even electromagnetic radiation. Place your pyramid on your internet box or near your television screen to dissipate the harmful fields of Wifi, 5G or 4G networks.

A stone of protection , shunite also promotes serenity by defusing fears. It acts on the physical body by regulating the nervous system and boosting the immune system. It relieves headaches and muscle pain.

So, which stone pyramid will soon take its place in your living room?

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