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“Joy and Unconditional Love” Pyramid in Rhodonite

“Joy and Unconditional Love” Pyramid in Rhodonite

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Spread healing energies and joy throughout your living space with this stunning rhodonite pyramid .

Nicknamed the “Eagle Stone” in Russia, its country of origin, rhodonite emits a loving and protective energy. Like a mother bird taking care of her young, snugly installed in the hollow of the nest, it envelops you with a vibration as soft as a feather.

So place this rhodonite pyramid in the baby's room; the stone will watch over him and reassure him with its benevolent waves.

Comforting and vibrant with an energy of unconditional love , rhodonite will accompany you on the path to emotional healing . She is a solid ally in recovering from painful experiences, releasing blocked emotions and healing wounds of the heart. Meditate near a rhodonite pyramid , and let the pink vibrations of the stone help you heal your old wounds.

Stone of joy of the heart , rhodonite will then help you regain your zest for life . Maternal, she will direct you towards everything that heals you, nourishes you and gives you a true feeling of contentment . With it, you could, for example, be led to indulge more often in activities that give you pleasure and fill you with joy.

Acting on the heart chakra , rhodonite also awakens compassion and empathy . Its mere presence will be enough to cultivate fulfilling relationships with your loved ones, but also to nourish unconditional love for all beings.

This rhodonite pyramid will be ideal as support for people involved in helping others. Whether you are a therapist, a doctor or you work in the humanitarian sector, let its waves of form reinforce your primary intention: that of actively participating in the healing of the world .

Karma Yoga Shop strives to offer you products of excellent quality, but also beneficial for the planet and its inhabitants. From collecting the stones to sending the product to your home, including packaging, we ensure that our production chain respects ethical criteria, both on a human and environmental level.


  • Stone: Rhodonite
  • Weight: 250g
  • Dimensions: 5 x 6 cm

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