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What a fascinating quartz amethyst is! Its thousands of reflections and its purple hue hypnotize us, its energy brings us serenity and clairvoyance... Wearing an amethyst bracelet means adorning your wrist with a beneficial talisman.

Long a healing stone , capable of dissolving many ailments, amethyst is still today one of the favorite crystals of gemologists and other lithotherapy enthusiasts.

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Virtues and meaning of the amethyst bracelet

For a long time, amethyst was considered a precious stone, a jewel testifying to the wealth and wisdom of its holder. It adorned the finery of the most influential figures, such as emperors or Egyptian pharaohs.

But since Antiquity, it was also its powers and its mystical aura which gave it such success. In ancient Greece, for example, purple crystal was believed to be capable of curing many physical ailments and dispelling the effects of drunkenness.

It was also a highly esoteric mineral , opening the third eye and promoting premonitions. A magical stone, in short, vibrating with a captivating energy that connects the psyche to the hidden dimensions of existence...

Wearing an amethyst bracelet is adorning yourself with a veil that is both mysterious and soothing. This natural stone jewel will give you a captivating aura, which will intrigue and reassure anyone who is near you.

The purification properties of amethyst have always been used in all corners of the world. There are indeed amethyst deposits in Tibet, Brazil, and even in France!

In nature, it appears as beautiful formations called geodes, with shades ranging from pale pink to intense purple. An amethyst geode is a true jewel of Mother Nature with powerful powers.

For inner peace and intuition, a real amethyst bracelet

An amethyst bracelet will bring you well-being in different ways. The calming energy of its fine stones will provide you with mental peace , dispelling harmful thoughts and restoring clarity of mind. This gem will be of excellent support in increasing your concentration skills and your memory.

Purifying , it will help you overcome your inner blockages. It will also be very effective in calming fears and anxieties . You will feel deeply serene in all circumstances.

Amethyst stimulates the crown chakra , the center of connection to higher planes. In this way, it helps develop intuition and extrasensory abilities. With an amethyst stone bracelet, you will see more clearly your life circumstances. Also solicit its energy to purify the negative energies present in your subtle bodies and around you.

On a physical level, amethyst is one of those minerals with calming energy like a balm. It relieves physical pain, particularly joint pain, as well as headaches.

Our natural stone bracelets are designed to allow you to make the most of the virtues of crystals . So we only use natural minerals with intact beauty and properties. To do this, our expert gemologist checks the authenticity and quality of the gems and semi-precious stones that adorn each piece of jewelry.

Karma Yoga Shop's semi-precious stone and natural mineral jewelry is a wide selection of the best that Mother Nature has to offer...

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