Tibetan bowls

Collection: Tibetan bowls

Immerse yourself in the magical sound of our Tibetan bowls , and diffuse their gentle vibration into your home.

These superb sound therapy objects will accompany you during your meditations, yoga and relaxation sequences or to promote healing of the body and mind .

Our Tibetan singing bowls are designed by artisans with extensive experience and driven by a passion for their work. Handmade with high quality metals , their note is pure and perfect. Likewise, their beneficial effects on the being are completely preserved.

Discover our collection of Tibetan bowls now...

Tibetan bowl: what use for this ancient object?

For thousands of years, Tibetan bowls have been used to heal the body and mind , and purify the surrounding energies . Their characteristic ringing fills sacred spaces such as Buddhist temples, but also living spaces.

Although it is found in various places around the world, including throughout the Asian continent, the Tibetan singing bowl is closely linked to the Buddhist traditions of Tibet . It is notably believed that Tibetan and Nepalese monks integrate it into sacred and mysterious rituals , where invocations to deities are recited.

Even today, the Tibetan bowl is far from having revealed all its secrets. However, it is more than ever used to regularly purify the energies of a space or accompany meditation . Perhaps you have already heard it during a yoga class or massage sessions , or even in therapy.

Benefits of Tibetan bowls

Why such popularity? In fact, the pure, continuous vibrational energy of the singing bowl helps the mind meditate, relax and let go , adjusting the whole being to a high harmonic frequency . Its sound vibrations plunge its user into a deep state of relaxation , which makes the singing bowl an ideal support for a meditation and harmonization session .

In addition, depending on their diameter, the metal in which they are made or even their specific note, certain bowls will also have particular therapeutic applications . They will thus help, via their particular sounds, in the healing of certain disorders or illnesses .

Whatever its use, making a Tibetan bowl sing will in any case have a beneficial effect on the place, person or object for which it is used.

A deep breath, a light blow with a mallet (also called a mallet or simply a stick) struck on the metal wall, and a soothing vibration envelops you ...

Karma Yoga Shop Tibetan bowls, a combination of quality and ethics

What makes our heart vibrate at KYS are the values ​​of harmony, love and respect . Just like the deeply comforting sound of a Tibetan bowl , we work every day to spread beneficial energy into the world. With this in mind, we want to offer you products full of good vibes , both beneficial and respectful of the Earth .

Thus, for our Tibetan bowls , we work with experienced artisans driven by the same values . In their expert hands, these are high quality singing bowls that come to life, shaped with love and attention. Our partners also use quality metals for a pure and round sound.

KYS Tibetan bowls are therefore objects with optimal vibration and properties . Unlike industrial bowls, they emit a rich sound with preserved powers .

In addition, our employees ensure fair working conditions and wages for everyone involved in the manufacturing of the bowls. An ethical approach , for concrete action towards a kinder world for everyone.

So, are you ready to ring your own Tibetan bowl ? Discover our collection now, made up of a variety of bowls selected for their unique energy!

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