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Copper singing bowl decorated with a Buddha in relief

Copper singing bowl decorated with a Buddha in relief

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Let yourself be carried away by the powerful vibrations of this magnificent Tibetan bowl decorated with a superb Buddha in relief . Thanks to this singing bowl, you access a state of relaxation and well-being .

This handcrafted singing bowl is made of copper, lead, zinc and tin. The alloy of these different metals makes it possible to obtain a unique and more subtle sound quality than that of simple singing bowls which are made of brass. The different metals used are associated with a planet as well as a chakra. Thus, copper is associated with Venus and the heart chakras, tin is associated with the Moon and the sacral chakra and lead is associated with Saturn and the root chakra . This bowl will allow you to work in particular on these chakras.

The interior of this magnificent singing bowl is covered in polished silver where a Buddha in mediation position appears in relief. It of course evokes the Buddha Siddharta Gautama , who is at the origin of Buddhism, but it represents more broadly the awakening and the accomplishment of the spiritual process of empathy and letting go . Thus, this bowl accompanies you on the path of Buddha and invites you to transcend the duality between samsara and nirvana .

You will love ringing this bowl during your meditations and yoga sessions. It can also be integrated into the decoration of your home , to bring a touch of authenticity and spirituality.

This musical instrument was made using traditional techniques by Indian artisans in Jaipur . It is charged with the energies of the place where it was made. It comes with a padded fabric cushion on which to place it and a wooden mass to make it sound.


Strike the bowl gently with the wooden mace, close your eyes and let yourself be carried away by the vibration of this ancestral instrument. Place your attention on the metallic sound it releases and achieve deep relaxation.


  • Composition: Copper, lead, zinc and tin - silver (interior polishing)
  • Cushion material: fabric
  • Mass material: wood
  • Sound: The
  • Weight of bowl alone: ​​1030 g
  • Bowl dimensions alone: ​​14 x 14 x 8 cm

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