Metal Pendant Lights

Collection: Metal Pendant Lights

Discover our adorable metal pendant lights for a warm atmosphere full of good vibes in your interiors.

Each pendant light is made from high-quality metal, for shine and positive energies that last over time!

Metal pendant lights: good vibes only !

Our metal pendant lights are designed to help you create a beneficial atmosphere and a zen decor , where only good vibrations are allowed. Thus, each suspension has a particular symbol for the high vibration.

Hanging in your living room or bedroom, a metal pendant light will help you channel the powers of the creature or element depicted. Your interior decoration becomes a source of well-being!

For example, our Butterfly pendant light will be perfect for invoking the energies of lightness, freedom and transformation of the adorable beetle. It will be ideal for brightening up gray days, and reminding you that everything is always changing for the better.

The Owl pendant light, for its part, will diffuse an energy of wisdom and clairvoyance . Hang in your home to develop your intuition, your extrasensory perceptions, but also your memory and your concentration.

A perfect decoration for the whole house

The silver reflection and positive vibrations of our metal pendant lights will make an impact in every room of your home. With their clean lines and gray metal that matches perfectly with any color, they will transform any space into a Zen haven.

Their luminous energy will bathe the living room as well as the bedroom. In a child's bedroom, they will watch over your little one like adorable guardians.

Why not hang them at the entrance to your living space, or in a window? Animated by the breeze, they will welcome your guests with their gentle swinging movement.

All you have to do is choose the metal pendant light that suits you best!

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