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With our yoga accessories and mats , boost your personal practice and enjoy a magnificent experience of well-being

Cork mats , non-slip socks or soft meditation cushions , we provide you with all the accessories you need for a revitalizing yoga practice.

Our premium yoga accessories

Karma Yoga Shop accessories are created to do you good, take care of the planet and last over time.

Also, we favor quality and ecological materials for each object.

For example, our meditation cushions are made of organic cotton , a non-toxic textile that takes care of your skin and lasts over time. Their kapok or buckwheat padding guarantees comfortable seating, whatever your body shape.

In the lotus position, or simply cross-legged, it will be perfect for meditation or a pranayama session (breathing exercises).

Each cushion also has its own style: round ecru cushion, or purple heart-shaped cushion, you will definitely find the meditation cushion that suits you.

Also take a look at our yoga socks : their non-slip material on the sole helps you stay stable throughout your sequence. You cultivate vitality and serenity in complete safety!

To support you in your postures, also consider our yoga straps and blocks. Ideal for deepening your experience, but also helping you progress, improving your flexibility, and discovering new asanas.

Cork yoga mat: elegant and ecological

Among our selection of accessories, our little favorite at Karma Yoga Shop is the cork and natural rubber yoga mat . Non-slip, ecological and pleasant to the touch, it will support you in each posture, whether you are an experienced kundalini yogi, or a beginner in hatha-yoga.

Sweat-absorbent , lightweight , soft , cork is the ideal candidate for truly regenerating yoga sessions, wherever you are. In addition, this material allows you to remain stable in all your postures.

Natural rubber , also non-slip, allows your mat to adhere perfectly to the floor. You will be able to fully enjoy your yoga sessions, without the risk of slipping unexpectedly!

For yoga at home or in the studio, you can relax in each asana with peace of mind: your mat is made to last. Thousands of hours of practice ahead.

So, quickly discover all the yoga accessories you need!

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