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Navy blue round zafu (cotton / buckwheat)

Navy blue round zafu (cotton / buckwheat)

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Immerse yourself in a rejuvenating meditation session with this comfortable navy blue round cotton zafu .

In Zen Buddhism , the zafu is the traditional meditation cushion. It is seen as much more than a simple comfort accessory: it is a real assistant which helps the meditator to carry out his daily spiritual practice .

In this, it is just as honored as the other tools of Buddhism. So, traditionally, the gassho is performed in front of him. For this gesture of greeting, with hands clasped in front of the chest, the meditator leans slightly forward to express his gratitude to his zafu .

Navy blue represents wisdom , rich and in-depth knowledge . You can therefore opt for this zafu if your spiritual practice focuses on the development of your spirit. Let your zafu fill you with its soothing energy connected to universal Knowledge, and open your consciousness to information from the higher spheres of existence.

This zafu is stuffed with buckwheat husks , which give the pleasant feeling of sitting on sand. These thousands of pods conform to the shape of the body and move with the movement. They thus allow a firm and comfortable seat , ideal for meditation.

You can also call on your zafu for support to help you perform a yoga posture, or for your breathing exercises .

Our zafus are made in Poland with natural materials , harmless to the environment and to the body. Thus, the cover is made of OEKO-TEX certified cotton , a textile without substances harmful to health. Your zafu is also filled with buckwheat husks that have been previously cleaned and dusted, for a completely hypoallergenic cushion.

Also note that our zafus are resistant and have excellent maintenance over time : they keep their shape without settling, day after day! Thousands of hours of meditation in perspective...

In addition, their zipper allows you to remove the cover for cleaning, but also to easily add or remove padding material such as buckwheat.


  • Materials: Cotton, Buckwheat
  • Weight: 2.2 kg
  • Dimensions: 30 x 30 x 13 cm
  • Machine washable cover

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