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Fluorite, obsidian or lapis lazuli... With our lithotherapy stone wands , channel the good energies of the crystals and restore harmony on all levels!

Whether for a vibrational treatment session, to purify the energies of a room or to work on a chakra , our wands are there for you.

Here is everything you need to know about these objects that are as elegant as they are beneficial.

Lithotherapy care wand: well-being on all levels

With their flat base and pointed end, healing stone wands have something magical... We can easily imagine a mage or a good witch directing the object towards a patient to heal a wound or cover them with benefits!

And in fact, thanks to their shape, wands make it possible to effectively channel the natural energy of minerals , amplifying their virtues on the body and mind. The vibrations of the stones thus condensed can work best on the consultant by restoring energetic, emotional, mental or physical balance .

It is particularly common to use natural stone wands for an energy healing session or to act on a particular chakra . In this case, either the therapist places his wands next to his patient, or he directs the wand towards the area to be treated.

Each mineral having a unique vibration, we will use different stones depending on the area or problem to be worked on.

So, for example, a rock crystal wand will be used to purify negative energies and calm fears, while a labradorite wand, a protective stone, can strengthen energy barriers and increase psychic abilities.

An amethyst wand stimulates the crown chakra, relieves anxiety and dispels confusion. In tiger's eye, your wand will be perfect for working on the solar plexus chakra, to facilitate digestion, remove emotional blockages and increase self-confidence.

Use a rose quartz wand for the heart chakra: this crystal will be perfect for soothing and healing inner wounds and attracting love. In green aventurine, finally, a wand will help you overcome negativity and dive into the abundance of life.

You can also use our lithotherapy wands to cleanse the energies of a room and amplify its vibrational rate.

For example, certain wands will be very effective in dissipating the harmful effects of electromagnetic waves . Then place your wand near your internet box or computer screen to protect yourself and your family against Wi-Fi, 4G and 5G networks.

Karma Yoga Shop mineral wands, quality above all

To help you regain vitality and serenity , our mission is to offer you high quality natural stones . This is why, with the help of our expert gemologist, we ensure that we only select premium stones with certified authenticity.

Your natural stone wand is first and foremost a sublime object, having preserved the beauty of the original gem. It is also a powerful support for any energy treatment session: its vibrational quality is optimal, which allows effective purification of negative vibrations, and real relief for the physical, mental and emotional body.

So, discover our collection of lithotherapy stone wands , and direct their good vibes into all areas of your daily life!

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