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Unakite Wand

Unakite Wand

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Invite the feeling of unity and belonging into your home with this pretty unakite wand .

Stone of the family , unakite is the stone of solidarity and harmony within the same tribe . Bringing together red jasper, pink feldspar and green epidote, unakite is a true concentrate of soothing energies. Its waves are capable of softening all relationships between different members of a family.

So place this unakite stone wand in the living spaces of your home, where everyone meets and rubs shoulders. It will be conducive to harmonious, peaceful and caring interactions . In his presence, communication between members of your family will be more fluid , favoring gentleness and openness.

Unakite is ideal for encouraging solidarity : equip your home with an unakite wand to inspire your loved ones to support and protect each other.

Sometimes blood ties aren't as fulfilling or beneficial as one might hope...

If you live alone or separated from your original family, unakite will gently but surely guide you towards your community , your soul family. With this stone, you will know what actions to take to connect with those who will accept you and love you as you are.

Unakite has a purifying and stimulating action on the heart chakra . So let this unakite wand shine in your living space to nourish the tenderness and compassion within you. This, especially in the company of your loved ones.

The heart chakra is also the center of right relationships with the outside world. Consequently, unakite will also support you in establishing your limits with your loved ones , or in opening up to them if it is difficult for you to confide in them.

Is your stone not perfectly identical to the one presented in the store? This is normal: each stone is unique and therefore has its little particularities. Its virtues do not change!


  • Stone: Unakite
  • Weight: 40g
  • Dimensions: 6x2 cm

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