Zen stickers

Collection: Zen stickers

Use our superb Zen stickers printed with a positive thought or a mantra! With their shimmering colors, they will brighten up your accessories or your fridge in just a few moments.

The formulas filled with good energies printed on these stickers will invite you to focus your attention on the best.

Adorable Zen stickers to brighten up your accessories

Colorful, vibrant with good vibes and suitable for many supports, our Zen decoration stickers can be stuck on your accessories and other everyday objects.

In one pose, you can customize your laptop, your mobile, your water bottle or even your notebook . For work or creative equipment in your image, reflecting your values!

Also use our stickers to decorate your refrigerator, or even a wall. Adorned with their cheerful colors, these decorative stickers will be ideal for a child's bedroom.

With its multicolored print and its beneficial formula, each sticker will invite you, in its own way, to see the bright side of things . To cultivate a positive state of mind in all circumstances!

A unique and original design

Each decorative sticker was designed with two keywords in mind: originality and positive vibes.

These decorations from Karma Yoga Shop are adorned with a thousand colors, with a unique design. For decorative stickers that suit you and reflect your way of seeing life! For example, fall for our Zen sticker with the image of Buddha , or for our famous “Om Mane Padme Hum” sticker, a mantra of compassion.

With their words filled with good vibes, these original designs will accompany you every day, enveloping you in an energy of love, joy and peace .

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