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Collection: Opal Jewelry

Let yourself be inspired by the colorful reflections of our opal jewelry , the stone of accurate perception and vitality.

A piece of jewelry set with this crystal will bring you balance on all levels. An opal ring , for example, will give you tone and clarity of mind , while helping you free yourself from difficult emotions.

Discover our collection of opal jewelry, with many virtues...

The radiant energy of opal jewelry

A semi-precious stone adored by many cultures throughout the ages, opal is both a powerful crystal for healing and evolution , and a support for clairvoyance . A sign of refinement, it is also sought after for a number of precious stones.

Protecting against the evil eye, it has always been associated with vision, whether physical or extra-sensory.

In Antiquity, opal jewelry was worn to treat eye conditions, but also to promote clairvoyance , and to generate mental clarity . A signet ring adorned with an opal also repelled negative energies, promoting the vibrational purity of its wearer.

On an emotional level, this lithotherapy stone will help you release difficult emotions such as sadness or anger.

Our silver and opal jewelry , whether rings, bracelets or necklaces, will not only enhance your jewelry box and give a bohemian style to your look. Made of natural stone, they will also provide you with all the benefits of the Earth, promoting vitality , fluid thoughts , intuition and positive emotions .

Real opal jewelry

Opal crystals occur in nature in many forms and in every color of the rainbow. So, for example, opals sometimes display a dark matrix with iridescent flashes, sometimes a face with shades of green or a ruddy color. Opal deposits can be found in Mexico, the United States and Ethiopia.

With its jewelry, Karma Yoga Shop wants you to fully benefit from this mineral beauty.

This is why our rings are set with a real, high quality opal, the origin and authenticity checked by our expert gemologist. You are assured of wearing a piece of jewelry with preserved beauty and optimal properties, close to the original vibration of the stone.

With its infinity of colors, opal is a true representative of the diversity and mutability of Mother Nature. This also makes it an excellent ally to promote personal transformation.

To overflow with energy, fall for the fire opal ring

Among our opal jewelry , there is one in particular that will give you a pleasant flow of positive energy: the fire opal ring . An adornment to wear for all occasions!

If all opal gems have something to amaze with their generous hues and sparkle, fire opal is probably the most fascinating.

Its bright yellow to orange crystal features golden filaments and vibrates with powerful energy. This makes it one of the most solar semi-precious stones in the world of minerals, enveloping its user in a wave of light capable of chasing away shadows.

Its energy promotes enthusiasm and healing of inner wounds.

A ring set with fire opal will be an ideal gift for women and men, taking care of its owner in every way. As beautiful as a precious stone, it will reflect your personality, while providing you with physical and psychological well-being .

So, discover our collection of opal jewelry, and immerse yourself in the colorful and beneficial world of this stone with a thousand faces!

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