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Collection: Amethyst Jewelry

With its thousands of shards and its beautiful purple hue, amethyst could well be the queen of lithotherapy stones...

But this magnificent quartz is not only renowned for its unique beauty; its many virtues also explain its popularity. Thus, amethyst stimulates healing on a physical and mental level, provides serenity , and promotes intuition .

From rings to bracelets, including necklaces and earrings, discover our collection of natural stone jewelry composed of amethyst , the purple crystal of well-being.

Our amethyst and silver jewelry: beneficial and elegant

Have you ever observed an amethyst geode ? This marvelous mineral formation, whose main deposits are in Brazil and Uruguay, is among the most beautiful natural jewels of Mother Nature. In this raw form, the violet-colored mineral radiates powerful and beneficial energy.

For each of our silver and amethyst jewelry , we wanted to capture this vibrational essence, to assemble it into a set that suits you and makes you feel good. Our crystals are selected by our expert gemologist, who rigorously controls their quality and origin.

Each pendant, each ring, bracelet in amethyst therefore includes a premium quality natural stone, with intact beauty, and whose energy is as close as possible to its original state.

Your amethyst jewelry will take care of you in many ways. First, this semi-precious gem promotes clarity of mind . For example, wear our silver and amethyst ring to help calm the mind and sort out your thoughts. It will also boost your cognitive faculties such as memory and concentration.

Amethyst is also renowned for its ability to soothe pain of all kinds. Stone connected to the head, it relieves migraines and other headaches particularly well, and catalyzes the healing of minor injuries.

You can also call on it for its purifying virtues on the body and mind. The semi-precious stone will thus support detoxification processes, while dissipating negative energies present in the subtle bodies.

And that's not all...

Amethyst necklace or bracelet, for intuition and clairvoyance

Our natural stone jewelry is there to enhance you, but also to accompany you in your spiritual life. Each in its own way, minerals help you connect to aspects of life and yourself that go beyond just physical existence.

Thus, amethyst, for example, is among the gems whose vibration naturally resonates with the crown chakra .

This energy center is our access point to the subtle worlds and higher wisdom. Wear an amethyst necklace or bracelet to strengthen the link with the higher planes, your guides and guardian angels. The dark purple stone will also help you develop your intuition and extra-sensory abilities .

A ring set with an amethyst, or silver and amethyst earrings will also help you awaken your clairvoyance . You will learn to see life beyond appearances and make informed decisions, in accordance with your well-being.

Not only will our amethyst stone jewelry give a touch of finesse and mystery to your look; they will guide you towards a harmonious life, infusing you with calming energy along the way.

An ideal gift for intuitive women, or anyone who needs to cultivate their inner peace.

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