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“Clarity and Wisdom” Ring in Raw Amethyst and 925 Silver

“Clarity and Wisdom” Ring in Raw Amethyst and 925 Silver

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This elegant 925 silver ring, adorned with a raw amethyst, is perfect if you are looking for a piece of jewelry to soothe you, protect you and awaken your conscience .

This ring is made up of a 925 silver ring set with a magnificent amethyst . Its beautiful natural stone exudes an aura of serenity, clarity and wisdom. The ring, forged in 925 raw silver, enhances the beneficial effects of amethyst. The light color of this noble metal highlights the delicate purple of the stone.

Amethyst is a very powerful stone, associated with authority figures and spiritual figures. It was worn by pharaohs, bishops and even Leonardo da Vinci. It symbolizes wisdom, purity and awakening .

Considered the stone of humility and wisdom, amethyst promotes clarity of mind and stimulates imagination and creativity. Wearing this ring helps you free yourself from negative thoughts. It soothes anger, fears and sadness. Stone of passage and separation, amethyst helps you overcome the ordeal of bereavement .

Like a talisman, this ring protects you from many physical ailments. Amethyst is the purifying stone par excellence , it helps eliminate toxins and fight addictions. It is known to relieve migraines, promote healing and treat skin problems. It is known to ward off stress, particularly in the shoulder and neck region.

This ring is adjustable; you are sure that it will fit you perfectly and you can choose which finger to wear it on.


  • Composition: Raw amethyst and 925 silver
  • Size: This ring is available in two adjustable sizes, the smallest from 4.5 and the largest from 7
  • Weight: approximately 11 g

💍 Ring Size Guide

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