Moonstone Jewelry

Collection: Moonstone Jewelry

Stone of femininity , softness and connection to higher planes , moonstone sparkles with a pearly light which is reminiscent of our nocturnal star...

For this moonstone jewelry collection, we have assembled it into superb rings, bracelets, pendants and earrings. Refined jewelry in natural stones, ready to take care of you while enhancing your beauty.

A moonstone necklace, for grace and intuition

Just like its namesake star, moonstone has a changing and mysterious face... It sometimes appears in the form of a pure white mineral, sometimes covered with bluish and iridescent reflections: it is then called moonstone rainbow , peristerite or even white labradorite.

There are deposits of moonstone crystals in Madagascar, Mexico, Australia, India and Norway.

Whatever its appearance, this tender gem soothes thanks to its mother-of-pearl face and its gentle energy, conducive to serenity , purity and healing . She is also the ally of the feminine principle, called Yin in Zen Buddhism.

Wear a white moonstone bracelet to soothe anxieties, and find your inner peace and mental clarity. As a protective stone, this crystal will also be perfect for purifying the negative energies that surround you or are present in your aura.

A rainbow moonstone pendant or ring will also be perfect for reflecting bad vibes and negative emotions. Tensions will give way to tenderness in all your interactions, with yourself and with others.

Mineral of femininity , this semi-precious lithotherapy stone will assist you on a physical level to balance the female hormonal system. It will also be an excellent support for promoting fertility and relieving the symptoms of menopause.

Moonstone is connected to higher planes, notably to the Feminine principle and the Mother Goddess.

She will therefore help you tap into your inner wisdom. Because it stimulates the crown chakra , it will be perfect for promoting intuition, clairvoyance and premonitory dreams . Thanks to your silver and moonstone ring, you will be able to overcome all blockages by trusting your subtle feelings.

Natural moonstone jewelry

A Karma Yoga Shop jewel is an elegant set set with a natural stone.

Each piece of jewelry is made of 925 silver , a premium metal that resists over time and retains all its beauty. This material also allows minerals to fully deploy all their beneficial energies.

For our jewelry, we rigorously select authentic stones with the help of our expert gemologist. The latter controls the quality and origin of each semi-precious gem, ensuring jewelry that is both magnificent and with preserved properties.

Our moonstone necklaces , bracelets and rings will be there to soothe you in all circumstances. As if assembled from a piece of Lady Moon herself, these ornaments will envelop you in a halo of soft light, which will guide you towards a daily life as gentle as a quiet night.

For the purification of our natural stone jewelry , we recommend that you recharge them in the light of the full moon. Lunar energy will be perfect for restoring the virtues of the stone. And its iridescent shades will be even more beautiful!

Browse our collection of silver and moonstone jewelry , an ideal gift for women with a gentle and intuitive temperament...

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