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Here you will find all our semi-precious stone rings . Each set is made from an authentic crystal, with preserved beauty and virtues.

Discover our different gemstone rings , then listen to your intuition to choose the one that will best take care of you...

Beauty and benefits of a lithotherapy stone ring

Mother Nature is adorned with a thousand shades. In the world of crystals, its colors explode in marvelous fireworks, for the greatest pleasure of the eyes. Mounted as jewelry, these green, blue, red and golden semi-precious stones form fascinating sets of beauty.

But a semi-precious stone ring is not just a beautiful piece of jewelry!

It is also an object that protects you, heals you or inspires you. Each crystal has its own way of benefiting you; you just need to know its vibration and its unique virtues.

So amethyst , for example, radiates a calming energy . An amethyst ring is ideal for calming a restless mind and restoring inner clarity. Violet quartz also relieves certain pains such as headaches.

Certain other stones such as diamond or rainbow moonstone help you connect to your intuition . With a moonstone ring, you connect with the Feminine in you, a source of inspiration and imagination.

An aquamarine ring will help you develop clear and authentic communication . This stone stimulates the throat chakra , the center of self-expression.

Adorn yourself with a rose quartz or peridot ring to work on the heart chakra . With these stones full of tenderness, you activate this center of compassion and unconditional love.

Choose a citrine or Ethiopian opal ring if you want to fill yourself with the energy of joy and optimism . These stones will accompany you on a daily basis to move forward in life with complete confidence.

Garnet or ruby ​​will be perfect for developing your anchor . They will remind you that the Earth takes care of you at all times, thus restoring your serenity and confidence. These stones also promote the purification and oxygenation of the blood.

Finally, a tourmaline ring will be your best ally to protect yourself against negative energies . This protective stone keeps away bad waves and harmful projections from others, to allow you to stay centered.

The quality of our natural stone rings

Our natural stone rings are designed with the desire to offer you the best.

With this in mind, we mobilize our expert gemologist to control the authenticity and quality of our semi-precious stones . Each stone is checked to ensure an elegant and beneficial adornment for its wearer.

Our employees in India, who work on manufacturing jewelry, share our values ​​of quality and ethics. They source their stones from reputable deposits, which observe ethical conduct on a human and environmental level.

Secondly, the gems are cut and then mounted on a silver ring . This premium metal retains its silver shine and strength over the long term. It is also an excellent conductor for the vibrations of our semi-precious stones.

A rigorous process, from obtaining the raw stone to manufacturing the jewelry, to offer you vibrant jewelry of love, beauty and good energies.

All you have to do is discover our wide selection of gemstone rings , with magnificent sparkles and magical waves!

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