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“Magical Healing” Ring in Labradorite and 925 Silver

“Magical Healing” Ring in Labradorite and 925 Silver

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You will be seduced by this original and powerful ring which combines the strength of a magnificent labradorite and a snake in 925 silver. You are captivated by the mysterious beauty of the bluish reflections of the stone and by its powerful protective vibrations.

Labradorite , a mysterious stone with metallic reflections, is prized for its magnetic beauty and its protective powers; it acts as a shield to protect you from external attacks. Thanks to this labradorite ring, you maintain your emotional stability and your clarity of mind despite external disturbances that may affect you.

Thus, labradorite is called the stone of therapists”, because it is used by doctors and other caregivers to protect themselves from imbalances and negative energies that their patients could communicate to them. You will feel the strength and protection of this ring if you operate in a stressful environment, or if you tend to be affected by the mood of the people you work with.

Magic stone, labradorite stimulates your intuition. It is associated with the crown chakra and the third eye chakra and is said to develop clairvoyance. It helps you understand situations, have a clear mind and perceive things as they are. You like to wear this ring during your meditations because it helps you ground yourself and feel confident. It can also help you when you are faced with a complex situation and you have a decision to make.

Labradorite is a stone that allows you to regenerate and ward off stress. Wearing this ring helps you cultivate joy and protect you from feelings of despair and anguish. Labradorite helps you balance your aura and thus attract good people and happy events to you.

The snake that makes up the ring's band is a sacred animal that symbolizes healing, transformation and spirituality; it further strengthens the power of your stone.

Labradorite worn as a ring particularly stimulates the energy of your hands; This ring brings you greater healing power and gives you energy to develop your creations .

The snake-shaped ring is made of 925 silver, this noble metal allows the stone to release all its energy. This ring is adjustable and available in 2 sizes; so you are sure that it will fit you perfectly and you can choose which finger to wear it on.


  • Stone: Labradorite
  • Ring: 925 silver
  • Available in two sizes: Small from size 4.5 to size 7 and large from size 6 to size 9

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