Bell, Cymbals and Gong

Collection: Bell, Cymbals and Gong

Ring our Tibetan cymbals , bells and gongs , and let yourself be carried away by their gentle sound waves ...

These magnificent objects will accompany you in your meditation , your yoga session, or to purify the energies of your home. With them, cultivate inner peace and mindfulness .

Thanks to this collection, discover the beautiful Tibetan tingshas , ​​and enjoy the benefits of sound therapy .

Tibetan Tingshas: the sound of compassion

Imagine for a moment in a Tibetan Buddhist temple , on the slopes of the Himalayas... Incense perfumes the surroundings, red and gold paintings adorn the walls, and, echoing, mantras chanted by monks are heard. hear. The recitation is accompanied by a characteristic and crystalline sound: that of tingshas, ​​a singing bowl or even a bell.

Tinghas are these small Tibetan cymbals linked by a leather cord. Usually made from a metal alloy and decorated with spiritual symbols, they are used in different aspects of Buddhism.

They are used in particular during ceremonies for invoking divinities , or funeral rituals. For example, after the death of a member of the community, the tingshas are first sounded to attract the ghost of the deceased. Then, food is burned so that the spirit can feast on its smoke, before reciting prayers.

Like any sacred object in Tibetan Buddhism, tingshas have a powerful symbolic significance in themselves. On the top of each cymbal, patterns are engraved; these patterns vibrate with an energy, which is amplified when the object is made to sound.

The designs may represent Om Mani Padme Hum , mantra of compassion and one of the most famous Buddhist mantras. Tinghsas can also include a dragon, a symbol of wisdom, or the Eight Auspicious Signs. These represent the offerings received by Buddha from the gods after achieving enlightenment.

The sound of Tibetan gongs, bells and cymbals resonates regularly in the temples and thus punctuates the life of the monks. It is a gentle reminder of the principle of impermanence , central to Buddhism: everything that exists is fleeting, and nothing lasts. Through prayers, meditation, physical, mental and spiritual purification, we relieve the spirit of the weight of the material world. Thus, we free ourselves from samsara, or the cycle of reincarnation governed by karma , to achieve nirvana , enlightenment.

Beyond their strong spiritual dimension, Tibetan tingshas , ​​bells and gongs also have powerful energetic properties ...

Powers and uses of Tibetan cymbals, bells and gongs

In addition to reminding you to always show compassion and devote yourself to your spiritual development, sound therapy objects take care of you! Indeed, whether they are used in Tibetan monasteries or in your living room, they have beneficial effects on the body and mind.

Their clear and pure vibration is thus used for therapeutic purposes, both by Nepalese shamans and certain Western therapists. These sound and subtle waves help restore balance to the different planes of being and harmonize energies. This promotes physical, mental, emotional and spiritual healing .

Some therapists may also use tingshas, ​​bells, or Tibetan singing bowls to work on a chakra . The vibration of a well-chosen singing bowl, for example, can help open and purify a given energy center.

Tibetan cymbals also help to calm the mind and deepen relaxation : they are therefore ideal allies to facilitate meditation . Also ring them to open or close a yoga session. With these magnificent objects charged with high energies, you will undoubtedly achieve a state of well-being, and why not, awakening...

Finally, ring your Tibetan cymbals, a Tibetan bowl, a Tibetan bell or even a gong to purify a place . Their powerful frequencies will dissipate negative energies and other vibrational disturbances to make way for an energy of love and light. The gong, in particular, can be used to fill a room with the energy of creativity and joy.

To make your tingshas sing well, grasp the two cymbals in each hand, taking the cord between your thumb and index finger above the small dome. Then, make the two cymbals collide, and let the sound unfold. You can use this beautiful instrument to meditate, immerse yourself in a yoga sequence, or to cleanse the energies of a room.

So browse our superb collection, and make our bells, cymbals and gongs vibrate in your living space.

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