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Traditional and artisanal Tibetan bell

Traditional and artisanal Tibetan bell

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You will be charmed by the beauty and power of this traditional, hand-made instrument. This Tibetan bell is used during meditation sessions and in Buddhist ceremonies .

It can also fit into the decoration of your home ; it brings a dimension of authenticity, a scent of travel and a spiritual dimension . Indeed, made in accordance with traditions in India, it exudes an aura of calm and wisdom .

This bell gives off a clear and vitalizing sound . This sound allows the mind to focus and relax. It also helps purify a space.

This Buddhist bell is made of an alloy of zinc, tin and copper which produces a unique and authentic sound.

You can use this Tibetan bell during your meditations or for a sound bath. Its vibration helps purify energy by promoting its release and circulation .

This small instrument is easily transportable and will follow you everywhere, on your travels, your outdoor yoga sessions or your meditations.

The bell weighs 220 grams and is accompanied by a wooden mace.


  • Materials: Zinc, tin and copper
  • Stick or wooden mace included.
  • Mass material: wood
  • Sound: Mi
  • Weight bell only: 220 g
  • Bell dimensions: 7 x 7 x 14 cm
  • Handmade

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